Five Fields Changed by iPod Revolution


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While five fields changed by iPod revolution, electronic consumer market has been great influenced by it. Let's look at the details in this article.


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Five Fields Changed by iPod Revolution:

Five Fields Changed by iPod Revolution The first generation iPod has just 10 years old (born October 23, 2001), it is not just a hard disk that can connect to the headset. While five fields changed by iPod revolution , electronic consumer market has been great influenced by it. In fact, all the fame and fortune won by Apple today have their origins in iPod. Apple's revenue, and also impact in the design community, fully integration in corporate foundations and sales model in the industry, also originated in the iPod. Please wear a headset, press the "Play" button. If you are interested in consumer electronics, you may wish to know how iPod has made it all began. Revolution in Single Track Music industry seems never change, they always sell the whole album through the tape, CD. Thus, if someone only wants a track but he had to spend 12 - 18 U.S. dollars to buy the whole album, and only if you by the whole album, you can get the part you want. Even if some people saw a little digital music's future, they still believe that music can only be downloaded in the form of the whole album. As the iPod was humble (no music industry executives believe that Apple will dominate the digital music market), plus the legend of Steve Jobs, record company finally agreed to separate the songs track the sale and implementation of a uniform price. Then, as iPod has been more and more popular, the single track download sales has also become an industry standard. Revolution to let Hardware become an Online Store Currently the most exciting thing in consumer electronics market must be multi-finger operation Tablet PC. iPad is the industry leader. Shortly thereafter, I believe that Amazon will become the second largest Strength Tablet PC manufacturers.

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Later, the two companies will lead the industry, other companies can not compete with them. They have the concept to let tablet PC become an online store. Amazon is use low-cost hardware to fight against Android tablets and other non-iPad tablet. The reason why it can maintain such a low price is that the new Kindle is a cash register, through which you can buy all the goods the Amazon store. Apple apparently do not need to make up for the iPad. But it is also iTunes store sales terminals. In fact, this marketing concept is promoted by iPod first, that is, consumer electronics devices from the main purpose is to allow consumers to produce this hardware vendors continue shopping. In other words, the typical "razor + blades" sales model applied to the consumer electronics industry is starting from the iPod. Revolution in App Store App Store has been added in Apple iTunes, then it has become a standard in software sales model. While we can not tell the details, but at least it is certain that early before Apple iPhone, smart phones has been the application of their respective owners. At that time Palm and Windows CE, and other intelligent machines have a considerable number of applications. The general order in the same as the installation process on a computer, first name to find a "god Invincible" and find the download link, and then install it on the smart machine through the computer or other more complicated way. Apple used App Store model, which including a fixed set of software development, submission, review, download and update routines, which could not be more easier for users. App Store model is so strong that software developers and development platforms are involved in, and even Microsoft tried to learn something from Apple. This time, iPod is also the leading one. It searches through iTunes, download songs, App Store's routine is also evolved from it. Revolution in Touch Operation The original iPod uses a button disc, which is already outdated design. Unlike the later iPod, the button on the first generation iPod that will follow the user's finger. Later, this mechanical disc is replaced by touch operation through fingers.

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Using the iPod experience, the most important is to have a sense of touch feedback, and using a variety of gestures to control menu navigation. And this experience distinguish between the iPod and all other media players. Apple likes the idea, so then the product can see touch design everywhere. Gesture traces (probably now has more than a "trace"), has been used in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad user interface. I think that all desktop systems will be integrated into the final touch operation. No matter how many touch computer will appear on the market, we need to back to the first iPod. It's a small disc that let Steve Jobs and Apple believe touching can improve the user experience, and become the user interface standards. Revolution in Media Tools If you really like the concept of the iPad, the first should be grateful to iPod. It is better than other music players since born, and become a multimedia player, which will also incorporate images and videos. iPod's concept is different from enthusiast level computer, the latter one is core concept of the computer, which can modular, scalable, but requires a lot of file management and optimization. The iPod cannot be changed and good and stable wiothout requiring users to be able to do any extra things. This concept was introduced to the iPhone. If the iPhone is no big deal, then it would be significant when it extend to iPad. iPad is the first media tool that can take over most of the computer works, many people are able to complete all the works on the iPad without opening the computer. This media tool may continue to expand the concept to consumer computer field, so it can be traced back to the iPad, and then iPhone, eventually return to their roots in the iPod. When "Citizen Kane" is no longer on the cinema, but it is still regarded as one of the greatest movies, because it changes the direction of the film. It also has a breakthrough and influence. Similarly, we no longer carry the first generation iPod, and people even do not have to carry any kind of iPod due to the release of iPhone. But we would like to commend on this product because it changed the whole direction of the consumer electronics industry, guide the people to the portable electronic products, media, tools and services flourishing era. Happy Birthday, iPod. Infinite gratitude.

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