Samuel and Skyler p.2 Rhetorical Devices- Paradox and Enumeration

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Does much else need to be said? A powerpoint on Paradoxes and Enumeration. I hoped you all enjoyed the Fun Test.


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Paradox and Enumeration:

Paradox and Enumeration By Samuel and Skyler


Paradoxes A statement or proposition that leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory Paradoxes can be questions, statements that appear to be proofs, and statements whose truth value is in question For Example: -This sentence is false. -New mission: abort this mission -Could a set containing all sets contain itself. To determine if a statement is a paradox, see if the statement referees to itself while contradicting itself or if it simply ignores logic.


Paradox Black Hole Information Paradox -Stephen Hawking


Enumeration A statement in which a subject is divided into a listing of causes, effects, problems, solutions, conditions, and/or consequences Example: - It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food , or drowned , or suffocated , or their spines broken , simply because they are born girls. -"We formed in 1979, June, in Washington D.C. the Moral Majority , with a handful of people...which has grown now to over a hundred thousand priests and rabbis and pastors and blacks and whites and young and old and all kinds. Catholics are the largest part of the constituency -- 30% -- because of our strong pro-life emphasis."


Enumeration -Edward Kennedy, Jr. Audio taken from Eulogy for Ted Kennedy, Sr.

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