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Wall Pack Fixtures


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Wall Pack Fixtures:

Wall Pack Fixtures Commercial wall packs are the most widely used outdoor flood light fixtures on the market today.  You see wall packs on just about every commercial warehouse, office building, school, church, parking garage and areas where a commercial light fixture is required for good security and safety lighting.  Used in combination with other light sources such as parking lot pole lights , outdoor flood lights and outdoor security lights , wallpacks provide the most bang for the buck.

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A wallpack is a compact outdoor wall light that consists of a cast aluminum housing, ballast compartment, lamp chamber and a glass refractor lens to spread the light. 175 watt metal halide wall packs are the fixture of choice for most contractors, followed only by 400 watt high pressure sodium wall packs .  Wall packs are available in several different wattages such as 35, 70, 100, 175, 250 and 400 watt models.  Most wall packs have multi-tap ballasts that will operate at 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480 volts.

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Traditional wall pack fixtures, although a good security flood light, do produce a fair amount of glare by design.  So it is best not use them in areas where aesthetics would be a consideration, such as around the front entrance of a commercial building.  Wallpacks are perfect for lighting the perimeter of buildings, parking lots, service areas, trash storage and other secondary areas of the property.

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Zero site line wall packs, typically used in regions where Dark Sky regulations occur, are becoming more prevalent.  They are designed with forward throw optics and solid tops to prevent light from shining up into the sky.  States such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado require the use of a zero site line wall pack.  If you are unsure about which wall pack is right for your application, you should check with the local building officials, an architect in your area or contact us for more information .

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Wall packs used on commercial building are usually mounted 12 to 18 feet above the ground and spaced 24 to 36 feet apart, depending on the actual mounting height.  That means you are using a 1.5 spacing ratio to achieve good uniformity.  They are easy to mount on both new and existing buildings because they have back and side knock outs for junction boxes or conduits.

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Of course, a wall pack is good for residential applications as well; provided they don’t bother your neighbor.  Smaller versions, such as the 35 watt wall packs & 70 watt wall packs are prefect for back doors, dog runs, side entrances, workshops and above the garage door.  The low energy consumption and tremendous lamp life of these outdoor wall lights make these fixtures very attractive to most homeowners. Fluorescent wall packs with motion detectors are also good for residential security lighting.

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