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Outside Commercial Lighting


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Outside Commercial Lighting:

Outside Commercial Lighting For anyone who owns a business, lighting the inside of the building is important, but illuminating the exterior is vital to the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. There are many applications for outside commercial lighting , and finding the right products for your needs can be a daunting task. If you know the right questions to ask, though, it is easy to get helpful guidance and advice from experts for your project. Quality light retailers should have experienced electricians available to answer specific questions not only about lighting product information but also on specific projects. If you can find such advice, choosing and installing your outside commercial lighting will be simple.

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Depending upon your lighting needs, you might not be able to install your outside commercial lighting without the assistance of a professional. For instance, if you are lighting a sports or horse arena , you will require very bright high voltage flood lights. These should only be installed by an electrician. For safety considerations, lay persons should only handle the wiring of low voltage lights. High voltage lights offer powerful lighting. Quality lamps will reduce glare and shadows. These lamps will need to be mounted on a pole. You will need to choose between wood, concrete or metal for your pole material.  The most common commercial poles for arena use are metal poles since they are often larger than wood or concrete. For a small soccer field, or tennis court, though, wooden poles are fine, since the lights do not have to be located as high.

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There are other needs for outside commercial lighting. One of which is to ensure the security of your property and the people on it. Security lighting is comprised of a large range of different products all designed to eliminate the shadows where crime often occurs. Flood lights are a simple option for keeping your workplace safe, but if those wall pack lights are needlessly on, you will end up wasting money. This is why for any outside commercial lighting you have some sort of automatic control. That way, you do not have to be their at dusk or dawn to make certain that your lights will come on or go off. There are several control options from which to choose. You might want a timer to keep the lights lit for a specified number of hours.

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If you only want them on when it is dark, consider a light sensor to do the job. For the ultimate in security, wire your outdoor lamps into a motion detector . This will turn on the light at the first signs of movement. You do need to be aware that while light sensors and timers will work with any bulb, motion detectors should not be used with HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs. This is because these bulbs require a warm up and cool down time between lightings. Instead, you will need to have a halogen floodlight, incandescent flood fixture , or fluorescent light to be operated by a motion detector.

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If you still require assistance with choosing the right  outside commercial lighting for your needs, consult an electrician or call RLLD at 800-239-2939 . You need to be sure that you have the right products for the job. That will prevent you from making needless replacements or installing the wrong item. An expert's advice should always be sought out in cases of uncertainty to ensure the safety and success of your  outside commercial lighting project.

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