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Low Bay Lighting


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Low Bay Lighting:

Low Bay Lighting Low bay lighting fixtures are typically used in commercial settings for superior illumination. These products are installed at lower ceiling heights and in smaller size commercial spaces. Low bay lights provide optimal luminosity over these smaller areas, creating a safer, more productive work environment for employees. Business owners need to find a quality retailer of low bay lighting fixtures in order to receive the best results from their illumination products. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has numerous illumination fixtures, including low bay lights for your commercial setting.

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RLLD does not mess around when it comes to lighting. Our online selection is vast in scope and gives customers the right choice the first time. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the illumination industry, so customers can choose quality products at reasonable prices. Our low bay fixtures come in 16” or 22” options and will provide the proper, safe illumination for your workspace. We have a professional staff that can assist you with your selection and answer any question you may have about installation technique, illumination design, and much more. RLLD is pleased to work with commercial sectors in helping them provide the best illumination for their employees. We also have numerous illumination products for the home, so all you décor enthusiasts are not left out in the dark.

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Low bay lights should only be used in spaces where the bottom of the fixture remains less than 20 feet above floor height. These fixtures will spread illumination out evenly over a given space to enhance luminosity. There are low bay HID lighting fixtures that come with optical refractors. These refractors serve the function of covering the lamp fixture and cutting down on the amount of glare produced. HID products in this category have the magnificent ability to improve vertical illumination because of the large amount of light produced. These fixtures can also be spaced two to four times their mounting height. They can also be mounted at higher levels, up to 25’ when higher vertical illumination is necessary.

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There are many different bulb options when it comes to low bay lights . RLLD has a large selection of bulbs, but typically HID or high intensity discharge bulbs are used for these illumination products. Places such as warehouses, gymnasiums, food processing plants, and other industrial sites benefit from the large amount of light produced by HID bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are also a great choice for these fixtures because of their high level of uniformity and energy efficiency in contrast to HID products. Metal halide bulbs are another good option for low bay fixtures and these bulbs are used a lot for indoor applications. No matter what type of bulb you are searching for, RLLD has the right choice for your illumination fixture.

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RLLD has an excellent selection of low bay lights for your commercial setting. We carry 16” and 22” aluminum fixtures that are perfect for lower to medium ceiling heights. These fixtures come with a snow white powder coated reflector and a prismatic lens for superior illumination distribution. Customers can also choose low bay fixtures that come with a pulse start system for their convenience.

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Low bay lights are an important part of any commercial illumination design. Business owners can purchase these illumination fixtures at Residential Landscape Lighting and Design , which has one of the largest online selections in the industry. Our vast selection has illumination products for both residential and commercial environments, so location is never a problem. Why shop around when you can find everything you need for your illumination project right here at RLLD? Come check out our online selection today and step into a new kind of light.

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