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LED Under Cabinet Lighting


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LED Under Cabinet Lighting:

LED Under Cabinet Lighting LED Under Cabinet Lighting. Contractors can offer their commercial clients under LED under cabinet lighting in a variety of fixture types. LED under cabinet lighting has evolved to the point that they now can produce lighting qualities comparable to incandescent, xenon, and fluorescent sources. At the same time, the builder, contractor, or commercial lighting designer is never limited to a single choice of under cabinet light fixture type. Clients with particular tastes can be accommodated according to their preferences without compromising technical performance or aesthetic results. Interior architecture can be perfectly matched with either standard or custom led under cabinet lights that compliment differentiating features and blend seamlessly with the décor of their immediate surroundings.

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LED under cabinet strip lights Strip lights are considered the luxury form of undercabinet light fixtures. LED linear strips feature a custom cut track that is intended to hide itself underneath the cabinet’s forward exterior. Up until recently, incandescent, xenon, or halogen festoon lamps provided slightly varied forms of white lighting. Incandescent and halogen were used mostly to light warm colors, and xenon was used extensively for cooler colors because of its slightly golden tone. LED undercabinet lighting has altered the boundaries of these near absolutes. Because LED’s can produce any color of light now, including white, they can be adjusted to spectrally match whatever surface they are meant to illuminate. Because their slim design measures less than one inch, they are superb light sources for any decorative display. Contractors routinely decorate bookshelves, antique cases, curio cabinets, and even ornamental furniture pieces with these custom-made, proprietary fixtures. Because they require only 20% the electricity as general room lights, and because they are completely dimmable, many people simply turn them down for night lighting effects rather than completely turning them off.

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Undercabinet LED puck lights . Puck lights have always been popular as kitchen under cabinet lights and are also used in curio cabinets and very large bookshelves. Although not less unobtrusive, and therefore less ornamental, than linear light strips, LED puck lights still provide an elegant compliment to many environments. They can be used in a wide variety of places because they vary so greatly in size. Their basic design, similar to that of a hockey puck, gives them their colloquial name. LED puck lights are often used for tandem lighting in a series. Because of the power saving curb they offer to the Spartan budget, more fixtures and more light can still be produced at lower operating expense. Although not as sophisticated as linear strips, puck lights are nevertheless very popular because they are easy to install and can be used in either functional or decorative under cabinet lighting.

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Recessed LED undercabinet lights Instead of simply attaching to the bottom of the shelf the way puck fixtures install, recessed led under cabinet lights are mounted directly into the shelf. They are therefore a great deal more low profile and generally preferable to standard pucks when aesthetics is a major concern. Because they must be installed by cutting into the surface of the cabinet, make certain that your client absolutely wants recessed led lights under the cabinet prior to installation. Once installed, however, they cannot be removed without leaving a visible scar.

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LED Rope lighting LED rope lighting for under the cabinet light is the simplest way to illuminate countertops and kitchen interiors. It works very well in smaller houses, townhomes, and apartment units where decoration without extravagance represents the most sensible and cost effective means toward a better aesthetic. LED rope lights can be purchased in all primary colors, as well as white, in very large quantities for low prices. This is ideal for a builder working on small homes and condominiums looking to pass on savings to the first time buyer, who may or may not want to upgrade the lighting later, but who nevertheless will be happy to see some sort of under cabinet lighting when he or she first moves in. These lights are very easy to mount as well using plastic clips that attach them to cabinet under surfaces and shelving in displays and bookshelves.

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