Indoor Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures


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Indoor Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures


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Indoor Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures:

Indoor Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures Indoor commercial lighting fixtures by RLLD offer power saving efficiency, ease of installation, and quick access when infrequent maintenance is required upon occasions.  Residential Landscape Lighting and Design carefully chooses commercial fluorescent light fixtures that will comprehensively address the needs of both residential and commercial clients in both the United States and Canada.  We sell only commercial grade layin and parabolic fluorescent indoor lights in multiple voltage options, and we also provide parabolic indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures in multiple lamp types.  Both offer keynote benefits in both cost savings and superior quality of light.

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Layin commercial indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures are so named because they “lay in” to the ceiling and conceal the bulbs behind lighting panels that lie even with the plane of the ceiling.  They can be serviced very quickly simply by removing the panel, and they appear almost a part of the ceiling itself because of their unobtrusive profile.  Lay-in commercial indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures are ideal for any type of workroom such as a basement area, laundry room, or company kitchen.  Their main drawback is glare.  Studies have found that people in sensitive environments, such as medical offices and nursing homes, offer suffer from increased agitation due to the shift toward the red end of the spectrum this particular type of indoor commercial fluorescent light produces.  For these environments, RLLD recommends upgrading to parabolic indoor fluorescent fixtures, which we will discuss in a moment.

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In the meantime, cost effective lighting in facility rooms where glare is not a major issue can be expeditiously achieved with any number of our lay-in commercial grade fluorescents for indoor lighting.  Each fixture comes with 6” U-shaped T8, 32-watt bulbs.  Optimal spacing between the bulbs allows for more uniform light distribution with fewer physical parts, resulting in extra-high efficiency.  RLLD layin fluorescent lighting fixtures are maintenance friendly.  The ballasts and lamp holders can be quickly replaced without removing the fixture itself from the ceiling.  This is partly due to housing end sections constructed of structurally embossed, 22-guage cold rolled steel and wire way covers that snap in for easy attachment and removal.  All metal parts comprising indoor commercial lay-in fluorescents come pre treated with phosphate rust inhibitor and painted after fabrication to ensure long fixture life in damp indoor areas in humid regions of both the United States and Canada.  Reflective surfaces are made extra bright with polyester powder finish coating on the interior of the housing.  An important side note as well: the fixture also has several knock outs for installing wires into unit, so self-installation by someone experienced enough to work with wiring is simple and convenient.

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Parabolic fluorescent fixtures are more suited to home and office use in environments where people have to spend considerable hours working under lights to perform essential tasks.  In these situations, glare and flicker can cause eyestrain headaches and annoyance and lead to people being not only in less than optimal health, but also in an agitated state of mind that reduces productivity and forward motion.  Almost all nursing homes now fitted with lay-in fluorescents are being challenged by communities and families of residents to spend the money needed on very necessary upgrades to parabolic indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures that will produce a more even, pleasant light conducive to rest and good care.  RLLD supplies some of the most feature-rich commercial fixtures for indoor fluorescent parabolic lighting the market has to offer that offer specific benefit available through only manufacturer, commercial grade equipment.

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Computer-aided housing design for optimum luminaire efficiency and visual comfort reduces innate fluorescent lamp glare.  The surfaces of fixture louvers are plated with anodized, semi-specular aluminum whose iridescent finish minimizes reflection and reduces glare.  Louvers themselves further reduce the glare of indoor commercial lighting fixtures by “trapping’ the light temporarily in a three inch, square shaped recess whose non reflective surface then radiates it evenly across the surface of the fixture first, then downward onto the rest of the room.  This lighting effect is sometimes called “a wash of light” and it is much easier on the eyes and the nerves that lay-in panel lights.

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