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Causes of noise pollution 1.Jet planes. 2.Loud speakers and other loud speaking things. 3.Cinema halls. 4.Factories 5.Road traffic

Solutions for Noise Pollution : 

Solutions for Noise Pollution Planting bushes and trees in and around sound generating sources is an effective solution for noise pollution. Regular servicing and tuning of automobiles can effectively reduce the noise pollution. Buildings can be designed with suitable noise absorbing material for the walls, windows, and ceilings. Workers should be provided with equipments such as ear plugs and earmuffs for hearing protection.

Solutions for Noise Pollution : 

Solutions for Noise Pollution Similar to automobiles, lubrication of the machinery and servicing should be done to minimize noise generation. Soundproof doors and windows can be installed to block unwanted noise from outside. Regulations should be imposed to restrict the usage of play loudspeakers in crowded areas and public places. Factories and industries should be located far from the residential areas.

Solutions for Noise Pollution : 

Solutions for Noise Pollution Community development or urban management should be done with long-term planning, along with an aim to reduce noise pollution. Social awareness programs should be taken up to educate the public about the causes and effects of noise pollution.

Sources of Noise Pollution : 

Sources of Noise Pollution Transportation systems are the main source of noise pollution in urban areas. Construction of buildings, highways, and streets cause a lot of noise, due to the usage of air compressors, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks, and pavement breakers. Industrial noise also adds to the already unfavorable state of noise pollution. Loud speakers, plumbing, boilers, generators, air conditioners, fans, and vacuum cleaners add to the existing noise pollution.


WHAT IS NOISE POLLUTION? Sound that is unwanted or disrupts one’s quality of life is called as noise. When there is lot of noise in the environment, it is termed as noise pollution. Sound becomes undesirable when it disturbs the normal activities such as working, sleeping, and during conversations. It is an underrated environmental problem because of the fact that we can’t see, smell, or taste it. World Health Organization stated that “Noise must be recognized as a major threat to human well-being”

Health Effects : 

Health Effects According to the USEPA, there are direct links between noise and health. Also, noise pollution adversely affects the lives of millions of people. Noise pollution can damage physiological and psychological health. High blood pressure, stress related illness, sleep disruption, hearing loss, and productivity loss are the problems related to noise pollution. It can also cause memory loss, severe depression, and panic attacks.

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