1.02 Food Packaging

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Food Packaging : 

Food Packaging 1.02

irradiation : 

irradiation when food is processed by heat, refrigeration, freezing or treated with chemicals to destroy insects, fungi or bacterial that cause food to spoil or cause human disease and to make it possible to keep food longer and in better condition in warehouses and homes.

retort pouch : 

retort pouch Multi-layer sheet is used for creating high barrier packaging containers

Layers for retort packaging : 

Layers for retort packaging Multi-layer sheet can be made with materials such as polypropylene (They are hard and tough, and are used to make molded articles and fibers.) creating a package with barrier protection.

asceptic packaging : 

asceptic packaging Combination of paper, plastic, and aluminum multi-layer commonly known as the "drink box" locks out light and air, seals in nutrients and flavor and allows its contents to remain un-refrigerated for months.

dual ovenable packaging : 

dual ovenable packaging Dual Ovenable packaging can be used in the freezer,the oven, or microwave.

susceptor board : 

susceptor board A package used in microwave cooking of a food item such as an egg roll. It allows browning or crispening of microwaved foods.

aquaculture : 

aquaculture "Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants

mariculture : 

mariculture Food and other products in the open ocean, an enclosed section of the ocean, or in tanks, ponds, or raceways which are filled with seawater.

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