Chronic Renal Failure


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Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic Renal Failure


About Chronic renal failure (CRF), also known as chronic renal insufficiency or end-stage renal accelerating destruction of renal mass with irreversible sclerosis and loss of nephrons for many years indicates disease, depending on the underlying etiology. In layman words, it is simply the loss of kidney gradually over a period of time

Symptoms of chronic renal failure:

Symptoms of chronic renal failure Diabetic Nephropathy Hypertension Problem with arthritis Certain toxic chemicals Glomerulonephritis HIV nephropathy Reflux nephropathy in children Birth defects of the kidneys Kidney infections & obstructions Kidney stones and infection Injury and trauma Azotemia

Tests and Treatment of chronicle renal failure :

Tests and Treatment of chronicle renal failure Go for regular exercise Take less oil food to lower the cholesterol Extra iron in the diet so as to prevent anemia. Extra vitamin D and calcium Limit your fluids Low-protein diet Take enough calories due to weight –loss Stop smoking Keep blood sugar under control Avoid in take of much salt and potassium

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