Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia Capital City: Riyadh Population: 26.6 million Languages: Arabic and English Religions: Sunni Muslim and Shi’te Muslim

Map of Saudi Arabia:

Map of Saudi Arabia

Flag of Saudi Arabia:

Flag of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Land:

Saudi Arabia’s Land Saudi Arabia is one fourth the size of the United States Deserts cover much of the east and south There are mountain ranges in the southwest There are no rivers or lakes The Red Sea borders the west and the Persian Gulf borders the east

Climate of country:

Climate of country Saudi Arabia has intense heat each day. 70 degrees is the coldest temperature reached and they have lots of sandstorms.

Attractions of Saudi Arabia:

Attractions of Saudi Arabia Black Stone Well of Zamzam Kaaba Masmak Citadel Kingdom Centre Tower


Sports Soccer camel racing volleyball swimming basketball. Camels start racing when they are two years old. They practice running every day.

Problems in Saudi Arabia:

Problems in Saudi Arabia They have a problem with people coming to their country and being forced to beg, work, or be a servant without getting paid.

Government of Saudi Arabia:

Government of Saudi Arabia Abaullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud is the King and Prime Minister Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy

Food and People:

Food and People They eat rice and lamb. Some family members live in separate houses, but many extended families live together.

The Holiday of Ramadan:

The Holiday of Ramadan At the end of Ramadan, which is a month long religious holiday, there is a 3 day feast called Eid al Fitr. During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink during the day, they only eat after sunset or before sunrise.

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