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Types of sentences :

Simple and compound sentence Types of sentences

What is this????:

What is this????

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What is a simple sentence? One independent A complete sentence This is a bus. My hand and feet hurt.

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Simple sentence I love dancing. Do u love dancing? I live in the house with a red door. My teeth and my nose hurts. Please send me an email. I would like to look at the document. I don’t want to look at the document. You can give her the paperclips and the A4 sheets .

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What is this? What is that?

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What is a compound sentence Two independent sentences. Both sentences are combined together. The sentence are combined using by appropriate punctuation or a conjunction . This is a bus, And That is a tractor.

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Gluing the sentences together conjunctions F- for A- and N - nor B- but O -or Y -yet S-so Fan Boys

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gluing the sentences She went to the corner store, for she had heard the quality of their products is good. She came for the party and found it very noisy. She didn’t like plays, nor did she like movies. They went to the party together, but they didn’t talk to each other. Eat some breakfast, or you’ll feel faint. She was ill, yet she went to school. She was good at cooking, so they asked her to make lunch.

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Punctuation The comma Use a comma after the first independent sentence when linking two sentences using a conjunction. The semi-colon Use a semicolon when linking two independent sentence without a conjunctions like “however ’, ” therefore”, and moreover.

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Compound sentences Raj sits quietly in the garden, and he wants to be alone. Tigers have stripes; they also have teeth. She said yes, but she wasn’t sure. Pay attention, or you won’t understand grammar. I don’t like coffee, nor do I like tea. They couldn’t travel back; therefore, they decided to camp for the night .

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Punctuate My friends likes plays. I like to read. Pay attention. I like to only comics. She can translate texts. I don’t like coffee. I Like to dance. I don’t like tea. She knows four languages. I attended the dance show. You won’t understand anything.

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Thxx 4 listening Hope u enjoyed 

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