Microprocessor - 8086

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Microprocessor - 8086:

Microprocessor - 8086 N. Mathivanan

8086 – Internal Architecture:

8086 – Internal Architecture EU - Execution Unit General Purpose Registers Pointer Registers Index Registers ALU Flags BIU - Bus Interface Unit Segment Registers CS, DS, ES, SS, IP Queue Memory Addressing Segment Base Offset


Flags Flags SF, ZF, AF, PF, and CF as in 8085 Trap Flag, Interrupt Flag, Direction Flag, Overflow Flag

Addressing Modes:

Addressing Modes Immediate Addressing MOV AL, 2AH; MOV CX, AAAAH Register Addressing MOV AL, BL; MOV CX, AX Segment Register can not be copied into another segment register Code Segment cannot be a destination Memory Addressing 24 ways Direct Addressing

8086 Instructions:

8086 Instructions Data Transfer Instructions MOV destination, source; PUSH source; POP destination XCHG destination, source; XLAT LEA register, source; LDS register, memory; LES register, memory IN AL, dd; OUT DX, AX Arithmetic Instructions ADD dest, source; ADC dest, source; INC dest; AAA ; DAA; SUB dest, source; SBB dest, source; DCE dec; AAS ; DAS ; NEG dest; MUL source; IMUL source; AAM DIV source; IDIV source; AAD ;

Example Programmes:

Example Programmes Programme to covert temp. value from Fahrenheit to Celsius SUB AL, 32D ; AL contains F value, (F-32D) is computed MOV CL, 05H ; MUL CL ; (F-32D) x 5 is computed and stored in AX MOV CL, 09H ; DIV CL ; (F-32) x 5 / 9 is computed and stored in AL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8086 Instructions Continued:

8086 Instructions Continued Bit-manipulation instructions NOT dest; AND dest, sour; OR dest, sour; XOR dest, sour; TEST dest, sour SHL dest, count; SAL dest, count; SHR dest, count; SAR dest, count; ROL dest, count; RCL dest, count; ROR dest, count; RCR dest, count; String Instructions MOVS / MOVSB / MOVSW CMPS / CMPS / CMPSW LODS / LODSB / LODSW STOS / STOSB / STOSW SCAS / SCASB / SCASW

Example Programmes:

Example Programmes Programme to count number of logic ones MOV CL, 08H ; number of bits to be counted MOV BL, 00H ; BL to count number of ones L1: ROL AL, 01 ; AL holds the byte, the MSB is rotated to CF JNC L2 ; if no carry, go to test next bit INC BL ; if carry, increment the counter L2: DEC CL ; JNZ L1 ; if not all the bits tested, test the next bit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Programme to move block of data CLD ; clear direction flag MOV AX, 2000H MOV DS, AX ; initialize DS MOV AX, 3000H MOV ES, AX ; initialize ES MOV SI, 0004H ; offset of the source location in data segment MOV DI, 0014H ; offset of the destination location in extra segment MOV CX, 0006H ; the length of the string REP MOVSB ; copy the string bytes from source to destination ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8086 Instructions Continued:

8086 Instructions Continued Branch Control Instructions JMP addr; Conditional Jump instructions CALL proc RET Iteration Control Instructions LOOP label; LOOPE / LOOPZ label; LOOPNE / LOOPNZ label; JCXZ label Interrupt Instructions INT type; INTO ; IRET Processor Control Instructions STC; CLC; CMC; STD; CLD; STI; CLI

Subroutine Program:

Subroutine Program ---- MOV AL, --H ; first BCD number to AL CALL BCDTOBIN ; call the subroutine to convert BCD to binary MOV CL, AL ; save in CL MOV AL, --H ; second BCD number to AL CALL BCDTOBIN ; call the subroutine to convert BCD to binary MUL CL ; compute the product --- ; Subroutine programme BCDTOBIN: PUSHF ; save flags PUSH BX ; save BX PUSH CX ; save CX MOV BL, AL ; copy the BCD number to BL AND BL, 0FH ; separate the BCD number to two nibbles AND AL, 0F0H ; MOV CL, 04H ; ROR AL, CL ; MOV CH, 0AH ; convert the MSB digit of BCD number to binary MUL CH ADD AL, BL ; add the LSB digit and hold binary value in AL POP CX ; restore CX POP BX ; restore BX POPF ; restore flags RET ; return to main programme -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Assembler MASM, TASM, ASM-86 MASM Tools: Editor , Assembler , Linker , Debugger Assembler Directives SEGMENT , ENDS DB, DW, DD EQU, ASSUME, LABEL, END PROC, ENDP EXTERN, PUBLIC, GLOBAL OFFSET PTR ORG

Programming Examples:

Programming Examples Compute product of two unsigned binary numbers MYDATA SEGMENT VALUE1 DB 1AH ; first value VALUE2 DB 2BH ; second value PRODUCT DW 1 DUP(0) ; result of product MYDATA ENDS MYCODE SEGMENT ASSUME CS:MYCODE, DS:MYDATA START: MOV AX, MYDATA ; to initialize DS MOV DS, AX MOV AL, VALUE1 ; first value in AL MUL VALUE2 ; multiply by second value MOV PRODUCT, AX ; Store product INT 03H ; Breakpoint MYCODE ENDS END START

Slide 13:

Programme to find largest value in an array of words MYDATA SEGMENT LARGE DW 1 DUP(0) ; Storage for the largest value LENGTH DW 0005H ; Number of values, 5 VALUES DW 012AH, 231BH, 0FABCH, 0021H, 0A286H ; The five values MYDATA ENDS MYCODE SEGMENT ASSUME CS:MYCODE, DS:MYDATA START: MOV AX, DATA ; Initialize DS MOV DS, AX MOV CX, LENGTH ; Number of values in CX MOV SI, OFFSET VALUES ; SI pointed to the first value MOV AX, WORD PTR [SI] ; First value to AX L1: INC SI INC SI ; SI pointed to next value CMP AX, WORD PTR [SI] ; Compare two values JNC L2 ; If AX > [SI] then go to test next value MOV AX, WORD PTR [SI] ; Else bring the large value to AX L2: LOOP L1 ; Continue to test next remaining values MOV LARGE, AX ; Store the largest value INT 03H ; Break point MYCODE ENDS END START

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