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Multimedia & E-Learning:

Multimedia & E-Learning E-Learning Theory & Models Assignment 1 Luke Power and Zhigang Feng


Introduction The E-Learning overview which this group has looked into focused mainly on two key questions centred on game based E-Learning. These questions explore the idea that games, whether learning based or not, proves to be an extremely effective tool when trying to impart critical thinking skills, team based and logical thinking skills as the user plays the game . The learning may occur without the player being aware at all that learning of any kind has taken place and has been referred to as “stealth learning”

Learning Systems:

Learning Systems The E-learning system chosen for this report was the communication tool Skype which allows a call including both voice and audio to conduct communication over the internet Several articles the report found showed an increasing use of Skype in the classroom to facilitate learning From distant learning to using Skype to present the classroom with a quest speaker who would otherwise be unable to attend a class for the same task .

Learning Systems:

Learning Systems In terms of distance learning Skype has an obvious use as using Skype students can be present in a classroom from any distance, being able to interact with the class as they could do as if they were there . Another point about Skype’s ability to be used as an upstanding E-Learning environment is by video conferencing, which would allow a student work group to meet up with each other online. Another more interesting one comes into play when a class room, for example a language course, can have a native language speaker call into the class via Skype and have a conversation with the class in order to give them a great first person experience of the language as spoken.

E-Learning Expert:

E-Learning Expert Stephen Downes is a designer and commentator in the E-learning area, Downes has explored and promoted the learning use of computer and online technologies since 1995 . He is working in the National Research Council of Canada where he has served as a senior Researcher, before to joining the NRC, Downes worked for the University of Alberta as an information architect. As a distance education and new media design specialist for Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. From the time when in 2011 , Affiliated with the Learning and Collaborative Technologies Group, Institute for information technology

E-Learning Expert:

E-Learning Expert Downes specializes in the fields of online learning, new media, pedagogy and philosophy . Downes is known as his newsletter, OlDaily , it distributed by web email and RSS to many subscribers on the world . Downes was the winner of the Edublog Award for Best Individual Blog award in 2005 for his blog OLDaily Downes is Editor at Large of the International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning .

E-Learning Technology:

E-Learning Technology The game selected to demonstrate game based learning as a new method of E-Learning is Portal The game involves the player traversing several test chambers using a portal gun which allows the player to create two portals, a red one and a blue one . The player must then use these mechanics to solve the puzzles that await them in each chamber The puzzles in each chamber vary from simple logical abstract challenges that require the player to get from point A to point B using their own creativity and problem solving skills to do so.

E-Learning Technology:

E-Learning Technology When faced with this situation the player must engage their logical minds to ascertain the solution to this complex puzzle using a stable of modern physics all the while enjoying the game they are playing . Portal also uses audio as well as visuals to navigate the games puzzles as the game is narrated by a computer AI similar in style to Hal from 2001 Space odyssey which monitors the player providing commentary and reinforcing the need for the player to think outside the box using creative solutions to complex and often difficult goals


Conclusion In the present circumstances of E-learning, are consistent of many styles, we find the game-based E-learning is really interesting style of learning, during game-based learning, They deal with combined leaning outcome and game play, during game play, and they can experience different aspect in studying through game play.


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