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Used for support to maintain correct body alignment Used under head,arms,legs & along spine or abdomen Correct positiong reduces strain on muscles & joints BACK REST Support pts back at an angle,so that he may maintain a sitting position Can be adjusted to desired angle Extra pillows are needed Arms of pt are well supported Used for pts suffering with cardiac & pulmonary distress PILLOWS

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PURPOSES To relieve dyspnoea To promote drainage from abdominal cavity To provide a comfortable change of position. BED CRADLE Is a frame used to hold the bed linen from touching the pt Used to prevent pressure from the weight of linen Used to allow air to circulate around lower limbs Cradle is often a semicircular frame of metal May be made of wood or bamboo It may be made into a rectangular shape.


Usually for pts who are propped up in a sitting position for change of position Bed table plcaed in front with a pillow on it,pt can lean forward & take rest Table without pillow is used for writing & meals Used for pts with cardiac condiions & asthma Makes it possible to use accessory muscles of respiration Position shud be changed to relieve fatigue & prevent embolism CARDIAC TABLE /ORTHOPNEIC/BED TABLE

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MATTRESSES 2 TYPES One that fits on bed bed mattress Mattresses that fit on standard bed crate mattress BED BOARDS Boards are usually made of wood & are placed under the mattress tp provide support CHAIR BEDS Beds can be placed into the position of chair for pts who cannot move from the bed but require a sitting position

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TRAPEZE BAR Bar is suspended from an overhead frame that extends from the foot to head of bed Pt can grasp the bar to raise the trunk off the bed surface or to move up in bed FOOTBOARD Device that isplaced towards the foot of pts bed to serve as support for his feet Some fit onto the sides of bedframe & rest on the mattress at any point along the bed Usually made up of wood/plastic/heavy canvas


Is a support that is placed under pts mattress to give added rigidity to the mattress Usually made of wood/canvas & is constructed to fit the standard hospital bed BALKAN FRAME Frame made of wood or metal that extends lengthwise above the bed & is supported at either ends by a pole Trapeze may be attached to the frame just above pt’s head as an aid to the pt in lifting himself up in bed FRACTURE BOARD


Is a canvas stretcher like device that is supported by blocks on the foundation of bed Used to immobilize pts who have injured spines. canvas is divided into 3 parts so that small center portion can be removed to insert a bedpan TROCHANTER ROLLS Prevent external rotation of legs when pt is in supine position A cotton bath blanket/sheet is folded lengthwise to width extending from greater trochanter of femur to lower border of popliteal space Blanket is placed under the buttocks & rolled away from the pt until thigh is in neutral position with patella facing upward BRADFORD FRAME


Provide support & shape to body contours Immobilize extremities & maintain specific body alignment They are filled plastic bags that can be shaped to body contours Can be used in place of,or in addition to trochanter rolls HAND ROLLS Maintain thumb in slightly adducted & in opposition to fingers Maintain fingers in slightly flexed position Can be made by folding a washcloth in half,rolling in lengthwise & securing roll with tape. Roll is placed against palmar surface of hand SANDBAGS


Individually molded for the patient to maintain proper alignment of the thumb in slight adduction & wrist in slight dorsiflexion These splints should be used for the patient whom the splint was made. SIDE RAILS Are bars positioned along the sides of the length of the bed Ensure pt’s safety & are useful for increasing mobility Provide assistance in rolling from side to side or sitting up in bed HAND-WRIST SPLINTS

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WEDGE/ABDUCTOR PILLOW Is a triangular shaped pillow made of heavy foam Used to maintain legs in abduction following total hip replacement surgery

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