What is Apple's Future after Steve Jobs Died


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On October 6, the first day after the release of iPhone 4S, Apple's official website published the news of the death of Steve Jobs. The we may consider this: What is Apple's future after Steve Jobs died?


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What is Apple's Future after Steve Jobs Died? :

What is Apple's Future after Steve Jobs Died? Although there is a lot of news which said that Steve Jobs was seriously ill, we are still very shocked for Steve Jobs' sudden death today. Perhaps we are all used to read the news about Jobs' death, even we believed that Steve Jobs wouldn't die. But today, he left us, forever! Then, without Jobs, are you still optimistic about Apple's future? What is Apple's future after Steve Jobs died. The impact of Steve Jobs' leadership on Apple can not be replaced by anyone. He gave Apple and its products unique personality, perfectly reflects the value of Apple, and bring us a new science and technology experience. His leadership is the guarantee of the right decisions of the company, the guarantee to ensure innovative of Apple's team, the guarantee to ensure the market share of Apple products... However, without Steve Jobs, can the guarantee remain? Nevertheless, I think we should still believe Apple - this team, who create many miracles only with several years. We should believe this team who continues to bring surprises to our lives. After all, there are a few members who have the ability to "tolerate" Jobs, and who can stick together with Steve Jobs. All left in Apple now are Elite! Therefore, I am willing to believe Apple, and we should all believe Apple would still bring us surprise miracle! Apple's future development depends not only on its own hardware, but it also depends on the development of other supports, such as wireless network development, app development and application of software and so on. So, I wanna say, Apple's future is bright after Steve Jobs died. Let's look forward! Finally, pray for Steve Jobs in heaven! We will remember you forever!

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