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Rating Scales:

Rating Scales

Category scales :

More sensitive; provides more information Overall, how satisfied are you with the high speed performance of your Mercedes: __ very satisfied __ somewhat satisfied __ neither satisfied nor dissatisfied __ somewhat dissatisfied __ very dissatisfied If you could choose, how long would each term be? ___26 weeks __ 13 weeks __ 6 weeks ___4 weeks Category scales

Summated rating scales – the Likert scale:

Respondents indicate their attitudes by checking how strongly they agree or disagree with statements Chocolate chip cookies are my preferred variety of cookie Strongly disagree Disagree Uncertain Agree Strongly Agree (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Summated rating scales – the Likert scale

Semantic Differential Rating scale :

An attitude measure consisting of a series of seven-point bipolar rating scales allowing response to a “concept” Think of your favorite type of cookie. Rate it on each of the following continua: Hard _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Soft Lots of chips _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fewer chips Crispy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ chewy Semantic Differential Rating scale

Numerical Rating scale :

Similar to a semantic differential except that it uses numbers as response options to identify response positions instead of verbal descriptions Think of your favorite type of cookie. Rate it on each of the following continua: Hard------------------------------------------Soft 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Numerical Rating scale

Constant Sum Scales :

Attributes based on their importance to the person. Respondents are asked to divide a constant sum to indicate the relative importance of attributes Example: Suppose the photocopy budget per professor was $100 per month. How much should be allocated to the following. Divide the $100 according to your preference: ____ photocopying for student needs; ____ photocopying for research needs; ____ photocopying for committee needs. ==== $100 TOTAL Constant Sum Scales

Stapel Scales :

An attitude measure that places a single adjective in the center of an even-number range of numerical values Example: Research Methodology +3 +2 +1 Exciting -1 -2 -3 Stapel Scales

Graphic Rating Scales :

An attitude measure consisting of a graphic continuum that allows respondents to rate an object by choosing any point on the continuum Graphic Rating Scales

Rank-Order Scales :

Scales in which the respondent compares one item with another or a group of items against each other and ranks them. Example: handout Rank-Order Scales

Paired Comparison Scales :

Example: Which type of cookie do you prefer __ chocolate chip __ oatmeal __ I do not have a preference between these two Paired Comparison Scales

Sorting :

Respondent indicates their attitudes or beliefs by arranging items. Example: Please sort the following cards with pictures of cookies into the following categories Like Dislike Neither like nor dislike Sorting

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