Medical Entomology

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“Medical Entomology”.:

“Medical Entomology”. APARNA .M.AJAY, FIRST YEAR MSc nursing, Govt college of nursing, Trivandrum.


DEFINITION A study of these arthropods, is known as Medical entomology.

Arthropods of medical importance :

Arthropods of medical importance Mosquitoes, Housefly, Sand fly, Human louse, Rat fleas, Ticks, Mites, Cyclops.

How do arthropods transmit disease? :

How do arthropods transmit disease? Direct contact: Mechanical transmission: Biological transmission:

Direct contact: :

Direct contact: Some arthropods spread disease by direct contact. For example, the itch mite which causes scabies is spread by direct contact.

Mechanical transmission: :

Mechanical transmission: Some arthropods spread disease mechanically by carrying the infection on their bodies. The common housefly is an outstanding example; it spreads diarrhoea and dysentery by mechanical transmission.

(3) Biological transmission: :

(3) Biological transmission: When the disease agent multiplies or undergoes some developmental change in the insect host, it is known as biological transmission. The transmission of malaria and filaria by the mosquito,and plague by the rat flea are examples of biological transmission.

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