World War II

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World War II:

World War II

Events Leading to WWII:

Events Leading to WWII Treaty of Versailles Hitler’s Rise in Power Failure of Appeasement WWII Began September 1939

Treaty of Versailles:

Treaty of Versailles 1919 Italy & U.S. meet Plans for Germany to pay off WWI Italy & U.S. disagree Germany angrily signed it

Treaty of Versailles:

Treaty of Versailles Versailles Terms War guilt clause Reparations Disarmament Territorial Clause

Hitler’s Rise to Power:

Hitler’s Rise to Power Vowed to “tear apart” V. Treaty Became Chancellor of Germany Jan 1933 1934 began building army 1936 started invasions

Failure of Appeasement (Munich Agreement):

Failure of Appeasement (Munich Agreement) Give Sudetenland back to Germany Previous Czech gov’t land Agreement meant “peace in our time” Hitler invaded Czech 1939 (broke agreement)

U.S being Neutral:

U.S being Neutral Would not trade with countries @ war 1941 repealed Neutrality Act Could work W/ any country who provided defense

Imperial Japan:

Imperial Japan Japan invades Manchuria U.S cuts off trade Japan invades British/Dutch colonies Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor Sunday, December 7 th , 1941 Japan surprise attacks the U.S 2,335 Servicemen killed 68 Civilians killed 1,104 wounded


U.S & WWII Hesitant to enter Pearl Harbor attack launched U.S into WWII U.S arrived Jan 1942 Didn’t see action till July 1942

Big 3 (Tehran Conference):

Big 3 (Tehran Conference) President Roosevelt, Churchill and Joesph Stalin Discussed D-Day Strategy Concluded December 1st

Atomic Bomb:

Atomic Bomb August 6 th & 9 th , Hiroshima & Nagasaki 1945 first Atomic Bomb Attack Nagasaki bombing ended war w/ Japan

WWII Impacts U.S:

WWII Impacts U.S Evacuation of big cities Rationed food & clothes Women enter the work force Teenagers enter work force

WWII Women:

WWII Women Called to take over jobs done by men Same jobs, less money Going from kitchen to the factory Also had military jobs

WWII Ends in Europe:

WWII Ends in Europe Mussolini’s Death April 1945 Hitler’s Death April 1945 German Forces Start to Surrender May 1945


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