first day of school classroom management

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First Day of School Classroom Management:

First Day of School Classroom Management Subject: 8 th Grade English Teacher: Mr. John Jossell


Objective The students will understand the classroom procedure and the proper behavior needed to succeed this class.

Method of Presentation:

Method of Presentation Lecture Drama Skit Work Stations


BELL RINGER If a student have an emergency and must go to the restroom, what is the proper way in going? A. Raise your voice to get the teacher attention. B. Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged C. Walk out of the classroom D. Write the teacher a note

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice 1. As a class we will discuss why the answer is “B” 2. Give students a copy of the Classroom Rules. *Be Prompt *Be Polite *Be Productive

Guided Practice cont….:

Guided Practice cont …. I will model proper manners in being prompt, polite, and productive. We will use workstations to implement the importance of proper manners.

Independent Practice:

Independent Practice Group Project Pick a Classroom Rule Each Group will give a dramatization of bad behavior and how good behavior should be implemented using the Classroom Rules.

Enrichment :

Enrichment The students will complete a worksheet SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. What is “being prompt”? 2. Give an example of “being polite”. 3. How can I be productive?


Closure What is the most important way of learning? A. Follow the Rules B. Disrupting Class C. Taking Control D. Not Participating in Class

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