Greek and Latin Root Words

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What do you think these medical terms mean?:

What do you think these medical terms mean? Suprascapular Dentition Cardiomyopathy Dermopathy What if you had the following clues Supra means above, scap means shoulder Dent means teeth -tion refers to state of something Cardio refers to the heart myo refers to a muscle Derm means skins pathy - refers to route a disease takes

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes:

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes:

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes Many words that we have in our language come from Greek and Latin roots and affixes. Knowing the meaning of these roots will help you to understand the meaning of the words. How many wheels does a tri cycle have? 3-tri is Latin for three Where does an astro naut go to work? Space-astro is Greek for star What do you do with a microscope ? View things very small- micro is Latin for small, Scope is Latin for viewing observing

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes:

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes Prefixes and affixes All of the words below deal with types of governments. Identify what kind of governments they are based on the meanings of the prefixes Affix meanings- mono - means one or singular demo- means by the people oli- means a few bi- means two part- means together crat- means to govern arch - leader Monarchy- Oligarchy- Democratic- Bipartisian-

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes:

Here are some Greek and Latin Roots. See how many more words you can make putting these roots together and tell what they mean based on their root meanings . geo - means earth therm -means energy meter- means measure man- means hand scrib- means write cardio- means heart logy- means study of tele -means distance scope -means view phon -means to hear graph - record trans -across geography, thermometer, cardiology, manuscript, telescope, phonograph, geo-thermal, transcribe, geometry, phonology, telephone Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes


terra land territory, terrain, extra terrestial, mediterranean ,


spec look spectator , spectacle , speculate, prospect ,


hydro water hydroplane, hydrogen, hydrate, dehydrate, hydraulics


port carry transport, import, export, support,report


audi hear auditory, audience, audio, auditorium, auditorium


dict say, speak dictionary, predict, contradict, verdict , contradict,


fact make factory, benefactor, manufacture,factor

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self autobiography, automatic, autograph , automobile auto

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autograph, photograph, graphic graph to write or draw

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Great magnificent, magnitude , magnify, magna

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write inscribe, scribble , prescribe, describe, manuscript scrib

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see visor, visible , vision , supervise, visit, revise vis

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