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Welcome to Eden

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Eden Geography: Contains 3 islands. Guardia Auxiliaria Producia Visitors allowed only on islands at or below caste denomination.

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Eden Visit: The Academian Isles The Academy’s branches Reasonia Capital City Metropia Chi-Town Visit: Chi-Town Metro City Industria Farmville Visit: Metropia Itasca Chi-Town Metro City Industria Guardians! Producers! Auxiliaries!

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Eden The Academian Isles: Contains a collection of Universities. Is conducive to philosophical learning. Holds historic value. Is very prestigious. Has hourly tours.

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Eden The Academian Isles’ Branches: The Academian Isles contains six branches, each focusing on different realms of philosophy.

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Eden University: After a Guardian is permitted to the Academian Isles, the first place they go is University. Here, the brightest Guardians are educated.

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Eden Library: The Library is where all data and information is stored for all of Eden. Guardians gain complete access to all databases after completing University.

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Eden Enas: Enas means “one” in Greek. It is called Enas because it is the first step to becoming a philosopher after completing education.

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Eden Dyo: Dyo means “two” in Greek. It is called Dyo because it is the second step after primary education to becoming a philosopher.

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Eden Tria: Tria means “three” in Greek. It is called Tria because it is the third and final step to becoming a philosopher.

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Eden The Academy: Academy is the highest level of philosophy in all of Eden. Guardians are only permitted after passing all other five branches of the Academian Isles.

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Eden Reasonia: The capital of Eden. Home of “The Chariot.” The Chariot is the governing caste. Made of wealthy Guardians. See the Great Hall, where the members of The Chariot meet. Great Hall Reasonia

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Eden Metropia: Emotional centre for Eden. Populated mostly by Auxiliaries. Metropia

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Eden Industria / Farmville: Most populated of Eden’s cities. Made of mostly producers. Main places of production. Industria – industrial manufacturing. Farmville – agriculture. Farmville Industria

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