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Quality work life Priya Mudgal PSOM-B

Company profile:

Company profile HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. is one of India's leading private insurance companies, which offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between HousingDevelopment Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.), India's leading housing finance institution and a Group Company of the Standard Life, UK. HDFC as on December 31, 2007 holds 72.38 percent of equity in the joint venture.

Concept of QWL :

Concept of QWL The concept of “QWL originated in India in mid1970s when the country was passing trough a phase of intense labour unrest. However, it failed to take roots.

What is QWL :

What is QWL QWL has been defined as “the quality of relationship between employees and the total working environment” Promote individual learning and development. Provide individuals with influence and control over what they do and how they do. Make available to the individuals interesting and meaningful work.

Objectives :

Objectives To assess and find out the overall service and quality performance of HDFC standard life insurance towards their employees. To know in which service quality performance dimension the company is performing well and in which dimension it needs improvement. To know employees requirements or expectation from company.

Scope :

Scope Focus on work teams. Autonomy in planning work. Focus on skill development. Increased responsiveness to employee concerns.

Research Methodology :

Research Methodology PRIMARY DATA The primary data has been obtained by interaction with the officials and staff in the division in the organization and also obtained through the observation of the staff members in different departments in that particular division

Analysis :

Analysis Visually appealing physical facilities Showing sincere interest in solving a employee’s problem. Company always being willing to help employees. The behavior of employers instilling confidence in their employees. Company’s policies towards promotion/ increament .

Recommendations :

Recommendations HDFC should maintain these four factors i.e. showing sincere interest in solving employee’s problem, company’s always willing to help employees, behaviour of employers instilling confidence in employees. HDFC is mainly performing tremendously well on employers being consistently courteous with employees/peers. HDFC needs more focus on Job satisfaction parameter.

Benefits of QWL:

Benefits of QWL Healthy environment. Productive workforce. Opportunities for learning and professional growth. IT builds mutual trust among the members of the organization. Higher quality and quantity of output.


Limitations Issues and Concerns. Individual behavior. Organizational behavior. Focus on low- level employees. Quality of work life and productivity

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