Incorporating life skills into middle school math curriculum

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Incorporating life skills into middle school math curriculum:

Incorporating life skills into middle school math curriculum CI484 Major Project Anita Gorski


Introduction This learning module: Is designed to improve students’ ability to use math concepts in everyday functions such as cooking and shopping Is a companion to in-class activities Is youth-friendly and easy to follow Is designed to encourage students to work independently, collaboratively, and at home to improve their skills


Introduction Learner views a short clip from “The Cosby Show”

Introduction continued:

Introduction continued Learning objectives Timetable Target audience Explanation of pre-test

Show what you Know:

Show what you Know Pre-test is an extension of the introduction and is comprised of several different types of questions that give i mmediate feedback

Unit 1:

Unit 1 Begins with an absorb activity watching a video about baking using fractions A second optional absorb-type video activity is also included on this page

Cookies for a Crowd:

Cookies for a Crowd Learner is introduced to the learning objective and finds an embedded website featuring the recipe for Nestle Toll House Cookies

How Much is Needed:

How Much is Needed Learner completes do activity which requires manual fraction calculations

Double (batch) Check:

Double (batch) Check Measure It Bake those cookies Learner completes connect activity using job aids to double check their measurements A second do activity is incorporated to give students reinforcement of their measurements

Unit 2 – Can you afford it?:

Unit 2 – Can you afford it? What the heck is the total sales price? Instructor demonstrates how to calculate total sales price, learner can review embedded video and website for additional support

Shop til you drop! Well, sort of…:

Shop til you drop! Well, sort of… Let’s Go Shopping Learner participates in online shopping simulation completing embedded table and keeping track of expenses to ensure that he/she stays within budget

Go Find It:

Go Find It Learner completes online shopping scavenger hunt connect activity to reinforce learning

Unit 3 – Tip that Service Provider:

Unit 3 – Tip that Service Provider Learner completes reading absorb activity to learn about proper tipping practices. Information is embedded via LiveBinder created for this module.

How was my service?:

How was my service? Learner participates in group role-play do activity where everyone is responsible for determining how much tip should be given

Think about it:

Think about it Learners connect to the activity by reflecting, discussing and answering a series of questions

Show what you NOW know:

Show what you NOW know Now that the module is complete, learners take a post-test to see what they have learned Questions appear in a variety of formats including multiple choice, fill in, and true false. Immediate feedback is given.

Digging a little deeper:

Digging a little deeper As an extension of the learning module, the learner has the option of continuing his education using these additional resources Books available from various retail locations with links to Amazon provided RSS Feed providing links to math-based resources Dr. Math discussion board for on-demand help with math problems

Survey Says…:

Survey Says… To continually improve the quality of the module, the learner is asked to complete an embedded online survey which is written in language appropriate for this user age group

References and about the creator:

References and about the creator The final 2 screens provide information about resources And the creator of the module

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