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I would just like to say how much I LOVE the Modules-In-Motion sessions. Brandon has been in FLVS for 4 years now. I can not begin to tell you what a struggle it has been to keep him on pace with his classes!! However, by participating in the Modules-in-Motion sessions he is not only ahead of pace, he has a 100 in the course and is thoroughly enjoying the class. He actually looks forward to his English class now! I am just amazed. I really do wish they would make this available for his other classes. Thank you so much for making this available to him. Sincerely, Dinorah Owens Student: Brandon Owens

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I like going to the Modules N Motion because they really help me because I can ask questions right then and they are answered. Also, I like the sessions because they help me understand things in the lesson that I would have not gotten as quick if I was reading the lesson on my own. ~Danielle Williams

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It is so much better for me to learn this way. I am homeschooled and don’t get to interact with other students as much. ~Cassidy

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During my welcome call with my English III teacher, Mrs. Lisa Berry, she told me about the Module N Motion Sessions. I thought I would give it a try. On September 15 th , 2011, I logged into the Elluminate Session. I then got the feeling that I was in a classroom, with other students, instead of reading a few things, then writing and/or doing a worksheet. We went through module 2 over 2 sessions. During the two and a half hours I spent on both, I got my chance to speak up and read some information on the lesson to the other students, as the other students read to me and everyone else. I then truly felt like I was in a classroom, only sitting on my couch in front of a laptop. We could ask each other a few questions if we were confused, we could all interact on the * whiteboard * by highlighting and writing things, and we could get a better understanding of the assignment. Nobody can ever replace the feeling of being in a classroom, but this comes very, very close. In some instances, it can be better; less noisy, more easy to focus on what the teacher was teaching, we could all go up to the board and show what we know instead of one person, etc. I highly enjoy these sessions, and feel that they can become a major part of FLVS’s learning curve…” Thank you, Mitchel G

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