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Women accounted for what percent of Facebook’s page views? 62% b. 52% 32% 62%

Slide 2:

True or False There are 5 billion tweets a month on average as of September 2011 True

Slide 3:

How many hours does the average worker spend a month visiting social networking sites at the office (May 2010)? 4.5 hours b. 5.5 hours 6.5 hours 5.5 hours

Slide 4:

What topics are consumers contributing and sharing online the most? Movies – 20% TV programs – 18% Music – 16%

Slide 5:

True or False Active adult social networkers are 75% more likely to be heavy spenders on music than the average adult internet user. True

Slide 6:

How many Americans in total visited sites in the Social Networks and Blogs category during May 2011, using their Home/Work PCs? 123.6 million b. 153.6 million 193.6 million 153.6 million

Slide 7:

True or False Women use Facebook’s Android app more than male Android users. True Facebook’s Android app saw an active reach of 81% for women compared to 69% for male Adroid users

Slide 8:

As of Q1 2010, how many hours on average did people who watch mobile video spend watching video on their phone each month? 1 hours, 37 minutes b. 2 hours, 37 minutes c. 3 hours, 37 minutes 3 hours, 37 minutes

Slide 9:

True or False Only 37% of adults who follow a celebrity on social networks also follow a brand False 64% of adults who follow a celebrity also follow a brand

Slide 10:

Who was the most discussed nominee on social networks in the 2011 Grammy's? Lady Gaga

Slide 11:

What percent of active online adult social networkers shop online? 40% b. 55% c. 70% 70%

Slide 12:

What percent of all congressmen have Twitter accounts? 82% b. 67% c. 46% 82%

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