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My Technology Portfolio By Grace P. Fall, 2011

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Grace My name is Grace, I am 13 and my favorite color is black. I have 2 cats and I have a younger sister named Gianna. I play soccer and my position is defense. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. My favorite team is the Boston Red Sox and my family runs the restaurant Boston's On The Beach in Delray. My birthday is January 8 th 1998. My best friend is Maddie, I have known her for 3 years.

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Technology: The practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. System: An organized way of achieving a goal. Key Terms

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Input, Process, Output, Feedback: The parts of a system. Input is what you put into a system. Process is the action part of a system. Output is the result of a systems process. Feedback tells whether or not the system is on track. Communication Technology: The processes used to exchange information. Key Terms

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Engineering: Designing products or structures so that they are sound and deciding how they should be made and what materials should be used. Prototype: A working model. Key Terms

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The system we used was the person on one side of the table stayed, and the person on the other side rotated every 3 minutes. The benefits were we got to get to know people. The problem was because of the system not everyone in the room met. We modified it by switching the sides of the table that rotated. Maggie Peter David Aaron Paige Sierra Name Game System

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Examples of Technology

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The Marshmallow Challenge The Marshmallow Challenge was about how we tried to make a structure out of certain materials and then but a marshmallow on top. The materials we worked with was string, tape, pasta, scissors and a marshmallow. We had 18 minutes to try and construct this. The goal was the make a structure that could stand by itself with a marshmallow on top. My idea process was to build it strong and sturdy at the bottom like a teepee, but that didn’t work. Each of us would say our different ideas and then we tried to combine them all into one.

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