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PRESENTATION ON TIME MANAGEMENT PRESENTED BY- HARIKESH SINGH Email-harikeshsingh89@gmail.com ph-no-08010056842


INTRODUCTION It is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools and systems that help you use your time to accomplish what you want.


OBJECTIVES clarify the time Avoid or reduce time wasters Effectively manage one’self Improve their effectiveness Work and gain more control of daily task Managing communication Identifying goal

Who deal with time management:

Who deal with time management People who lack control in their daily life People who want to become more productive People with several responsibilities People who would like more time for their personal life

Why is time management important ? :

Why is time management important ? find the time for what you desire. set up your priorities. plan your life wisely. make conscious choice. reduce wasted time and energy. identifying goal.

Function of time management:

Function of time management Planning. Allocating. Scheduling Prioritizing Monitoring Setting goal


EVALUTATION Am I happy with my time management style? Do I need to plan with more structure or less structure? What are the problems with my time management style? Can I perform well the planning tips to improve my time management strategies?


DON’T FORGET to include regular, reoccurring tasks, duties. time is a resource you can't produce, grow. You are the one who makes the choice about how your time is used. things like your own attitudes. time is a finite. time is limited to 24 hours a day.


POOR TIME MANAGEMENT Constant rushing between achieving and tasks. Frustration Impatience. ‘I’m not sure what my role is or what is expected to me.


CONCLUSION Time management develop a person’s decision-making skills in relation to using their time effectively. A smart time management managed by planning, prioritizing, organizing and knowing the way to effectively key to competing activities.


DRAWBACKS . If you are conscious about the time you can spend, then it could leave people around. you could not decide how manage time. It could lead to a break down relationship. You will need to have the ability to disguise your time management in social situations.

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We can say that…… yesterday is a cancel cheque . tomorrow is a promissory cheque . today is ready cash. USE IT.

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