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Shawnee Jaida - Nellia Carly - Lena Zoie - Mallia Taliyah - Zerlaya Fatimah - Yalina

InterestING FACTS:

InterestING FACTS The word Shawnee comes from the word Shawanwa . Shawnee mothers carry their babies in cradle boards on their backs . Today most Shawnees live in Oklahoma. Today Shawnees live in modern houses.

Shawnee Indians Food Source:

Shawnee Indians Food Source The Shawnee Indians ate corn, beans, and squash and they hunted, fished, and ate nuts and berries. They hunted buffalo and deer. Their cloths were made out of deer hides.

Shawnee Indians Housing :

Shawnee Indians Housing Shawnee indians lived in houses called wigwams. Wigwams usually 8- 10 feet tall. The frame can be shaped like a dome, like a cone, or like a rectangle with an arch roof.

Shawnee houses:

Shawnee houses Wigwams are made of wooden frames which are covered with woven mats and sheets of birchbark .



Custom ways of life :

Custom ways of life Shawnees hunt buffalo & antelope. They used buffalo hide to draw on ,which were made into clothing, houses, beds & shoes. A vision quest is when the Indian will stop eating & go to a quiet place for 1-4 days so they could see visions.



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