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social class and consumer behavior:

social class and consumer behavior Prepared by: hitesh patel pratiksha patel sunil patel

Social class:

Social class The division of members of society in to hierarchy of distinct status classes ,so that members of each class have either higher or lowers status than members of other classes.

Social class and social status:

Social class and social status Status of frequently thought of as the relative ranking of member of each social class wealth Power prestige

Social comparison theory:

Social comparison theory States that individuals compare their own possessions against those of other to determine their relative social standing

Status consumption:

Status consumption Consumers endeavor to increase their social standing through consumption Very important for luxury goods Is different from conspicuous consumption

Discussion question:

Discussion question Why is status consumption important for some consumers? How can marketers promote increased status consumption?

Social class is hierarchical:

Social class is hierarchical Status is frequently thought of as the relative rankings of members of each social class.

The measurement of social class:

Subjective measures individual are asked to estimate their own social-class. Reputational measures Informants make judgments concerning the social-class membership of other within the community. Objectiv e measures individual answer specific socioeconomic questions and than are categorized. The measurement of social class

Objective Measures :

Objective Measures Single-variable composite- variable indexes indexes -occupation -index of status -education characteristics -income -socioeconomic -other variables status score

Geodemographic clusters:

Geodemographic clusters A composite segmentation strategy that uses both geographic and demographic variable to identify target markets.

consumer behavior social class :

consumer behavior social class Clothing ,fashion, and shopping Saving, spending, and credit Social class and communication.

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