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What is genetic engineering???:

What is genetic engineering??? Addition, removal of genetic material. Also called…. Gene manipulation r-DNA technology

Tools used…:

Tools used…


vectors Carrier DNA molecule Desired DNA is attached Eg.. Plasmid, cosmid DNA,

Target DNA:

Target DNA Desired DNA Eg. Insulin

Steps involved in genetic engineering:

Steps involved in genetic engineering Isolation of desired gene Selection of vector Formation of recombinant DNA Gene transfer to host cloning

Applications of genetic engineering:

Applications of genetic engineering Gene therapy(replacement of defective genes by healthy genes) Eg. Colour blindness, sickle cell anaemia

2. Production of transgenic plants:

2. Production of transgenic plants Desired characters can be introduced Eg. Golden rice, Bt. cotton

3. Production of transgenic animals:

3. Production of transgenic animals Eg . Sheep producing more wool

4. Study of genes :

4. Study of genes Defective genes can be studied

5.Diagnosis of diseases:

5.Diagnosis of diseases

6. Identification of parents:

6. Identification of parents

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7. nitrogen fixation 8. production of antibiotics 9. production of proteins 10. environmental biotechnology

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