EMU vs Standard Audio v2

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EMU Requirements vs. Standard Audio:

EMU Requirements vs. Standard Audio EMU Headset Component Requirements Amplifier – EMU is lower power audio than non-EMU. Amplification required for audio. Voltage regulator – EMU requires an amp for the speaker and amps require a power supply. Multifunction Pins – EMU uses two pins for audio, data, device identification. 2.5mm is audio only. EMU has added circuitry to multiplex these functions. Mini-USB Connector – USB connector has more pins and the design is more complex vs. standard audio connectors Stereo Switching – EMU has to switch between mic/spkr mode vs. stereo mode. The 2.5mm headset needs no switching since it has a dedicated connector contact for the mic and EMU does not. EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility – BUZZ) – Because EMU requires the extra ICs (amps and regulator), it is more susceptible to buzz and requires increased buzz protection. Customer/ Phone Benefits Reduced Size and Thickness of Phone Same port for charging, data and audio feasible EMU Multi-Function Port peripherals drive 1.5-2X cost versus standard audio connections

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