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The late Mr/Mrs Thiagarajah

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The late Mr.Seevaratnam and Madam Nageswary Seevaratnam

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The proudparents of birthday girlon their wedding day-5th April 1980

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Remember that a person’s name is, To that person, The sweetest sound,In any language, It is the badge,Of individuality. -Dale Carnigie

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Young Diva Part 1

Slide 8: 

Young Diva Part 2

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Gender issues?But cute either way

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The beginning

Slide 11: 

The intermediate Chapter 1

Slide 12: 

The intermediate Chapter 2

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First thing she did in school,cut cake

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More cakes, Budak ni suka cake la

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Multi talented

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Well traveled Dhiv’s traveling guide:1.Always start young,people will carry u r luggage 4 u.

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Dhiv’s traveling guide:2. Be cute, the bride and groom will include you in their picture

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Dhiv’s traveling guide:3. When smiling ensure all 20 + - 1 or 2 teeth are showing

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Down Under

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Dhiv’s traveling guide:4. Never forget your roots(mummy’s side)

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Dhiv’s traveling guide:5. Chocolate + rollercoaster = a bunch of giggly girls

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Princesses Dhiv’s traveling guide:6. Stop taking travel advise from a little girl

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Magic trick :watch closely

Slide 25: 

Look at the goddess

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Tadaaaa: Hint- the audience claps here

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Fashion Week:Milan

Slide 28: 

Fashion Week :Paris

Slide 29: 

Fashion Week :UK(Ulu Kelang)

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Famous people come to visit Dheevia

Slide 31: 

VIP from India

Slide 32: 

With Super VVIP From Jaffna

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Celebrating birthdays : family obsession

Slide 34: 

Now we know who started it (Dheev’s mummy)

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Seevaratnam Dynasty

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Happy family

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Thanks for coming all the way from London Cousin Lakshmi

Slide 38: 

Thanks Auntie Vasanthi for this wonderful cake all the way from London

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The end Cut The Cake Faster

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