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Slide 1:

English Summer Camp

Slide 2:

Opening Ceremony

Slide 3:

Welcoming the boys

Slide 4:

Opening words from the principal

Slide 5:

Closing words from the principal

Slide 6:

Let the camp begin!

Slide 7:

Day 1 Team T-Shirts

Slide 8:

Making the team t-shirts

Slide 9:

Team Shift

Slide 10:

Team Boy & Girl

Slide 11:

Team Mizuno

Team Paradise:

Team Paradise

Slide 13:

Team Color Star

Slide 14:

Team Nike

Slide 15:

Day 1 Comic Books

Slide 16:

Making the team comic books

Slide 17:

Timer Man to the rescue!

Slide 18:

Planning the plot and characters

Slide 19:

Final touch-ups

Slide 20:

Day 2 The Tallest Tower

Slide 21:

Chopsticks and tape for a sturdier tower

Slide 22:

Now to add chopsticks and straws

Team Nike and team Color Star displaying their towers:

Team Nike and team Color Star displaying their towers

Slide 24:

Inspired future architects

Slide 25:

Day 2 Magic Milk

Slide 26:

Setting up the experiment

Slide 27:

Watch how the colors start to mix

Slide 28:

Dish soap is the secret ingredient

Slide 29:

The students were fascinated

Slide 30:

Day 3 Fear Factor

Slide 31:

I can’t see what I’m eating!

Slide 32:

Students had to smell, touch and taste the food

Slide 33:

Cauliflower smells terrible!

Slide 34:

Raw cauliflower tastes even worse!

Slide 35:

Day 3 Tuna Salad Sandwich

Slide 36:

The students had to chop up celery

Slide 37:

Time to make the sandwiches

Slide 38:

More and more sandwiches!

Slide 39:

Custom designed team sandwiches

Slide 40:

Day 4 Scavenger Hunt

Slide 41:

Students had to find items on a list

Slide 42:

This is one way to photograph a handstand!

Slide 43:

A team pyramid

Slide 44:

We have all the items on our list!

Slide 45:

Day 4 Outdoor Olympics

Slide 46:

Caterpilla race: ready, set, go!

Slide 47:

The boys were not allowed to break the chain

Slide 48:

Spoon and ball challenge

Slide 49:

Don’t drop that ping pong ball!

Slide 50:

Day 5 Movie Day

Slide 51:

The movies on show What’s on the menu?

Slide 52:

The students had to choose a movie

They were given fake money to purchase a ticket and snacks:

They were given fake money to purchase a ticket and snacks

Can I have one ticket to Avatar please?:

Can I have one ticket to Avatar please?

Slide 55:

The students had to buy drinks and popcorn with their fake money

Slide 56:

Closing Ceremony

Slide 57:

Welcoming the students to the closing ceremony

Slide 58:

The vice principal awarded Certificates of Achievement

Slide 59:

Class volunteers received gift cards

Slide 60:

Closing words from the vice principal

Slide 61:

Summer Camp Certificate

Slide 64:

NCC 2011 Summer Camp Presentation Created by Peter Walton Music by Fatboy Slim

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