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This is a slide show having to do with a few notiable Adventist women who have distinguished themselves.


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Adventist Women of Distinguished Service General Conference Department of Women’s Ministries

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1844 - 1894

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Lottie Blake First African-American Seventh-day Adventist woman physician. Established the school of nursing at Oakwood College. 1876 - 1976

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Maud Sisley Boyd Bible instructor, colporteur, educator. First single woman missionary to Europe. 1851 - 1937

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Annie Rebekah Smith Early hymn writer and editor. While the James Whites traveled, she published the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald. 1828 - 1855

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Ellen Gould Harmon White Early leader and prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 1827 - 1915

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1894 - 1944

Slide 8:

Gertrude Brown An English physician. Worked with J. Harvey Kellogg. 1866 - 1948

Slide 9:

Eva Dykes Musician and educator for over 50 years. First Seventh-day Adventist woman to receive a Ph.D. in the United States. 1893 - 1986

Slide 10:

Sarepta Myrenda Irish Henry Temperance activist, personal evangelist and writer. Established first Women’s Ministries. 1839 - 1900

Slide 11:

Anna Knight The first African-American woman missionary, serving in India. 1874 - 1972

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1944 - 1995

Slide 13:

Ana Rosa Alvarado Cuban pastor, evangelist, educator and musician for 45 years.

Slide 14:

Chessie Harris Educator and humanitarian. More than 1200 children have received care at the Harris Home. 1906 - 1977

Slide 15:

Jessie Halliwell Missionary nurse who, with her pilot husband, supplied the only medical care to thousands along the Amazon River for 38 years.

Slide 16:

Rose Otis First Director of General Conference Women’s Ministries Office and Department.

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