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Slide 1:

Go on bus to school

Slide 2:

John’s birthday I give him present

Slide 3:

Fall down leg is hurt

Slide 4:

Teacher teaches in class listen and copy

Slide 5:

I brush teeth sleep

Slide 6:

Bake a cake mother’s borthday

Slide 7:

When I am sick go to see doctor

Slide 8:

Bath wear cloth

Slide 9:

Baby cry Carry baby

Slide 10:

Play computer Don’t know to do homework

Slide 11:

Cut own hair daddy angry

Slide 12:

Alarm clock wake up

Slide 13:

Telephone hello

Slide 14:

Christmas Santa Clause

Slide 15:

Take float Go swimming

Slide 16:

Cold drink hot milo

Slide 17:

Study hard get No. 1

Slide 18:

Offer ice-cream Eat ice-cream

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