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National Night Out 2011 Barrett Terrace and Plaza

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2011 Sponsors VIP Protective Services CHDC Cortez Roofing NorthCal Construction DeepVac Flores Landscaping FoodsCo

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We Made The News – Click Here to read the article!

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Meet & Greet with Richmond Officers

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Taking a Bite Out of Crime with McGruff

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Music, Music, Music

Slide 8:

Thanks to our Director Aleta… w ho made all this possible! Pizza Salad Garlic Bread Cake Hamburgers Hot Dogs Cotton Candy Snow Cones Popcorn

Slide 9:

Our resident’s cooked it all….

Slide 10:

Thanks to Our Volunteer Face Painter

Slide 12:

Executive Director Don Gilmore Surprise

Slide 13:

Cupid Shuffle with Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

Slide 14:

One of our residents hugging the Owner of Cortez Roofing (Sponsoring Vendor) with Mayor Gayle

Slide 15:

Kids Dance Off

Slide 17:

Raffle Prizes and Gifts

Slide 19:

Lieutenants and Captains Richmond Police Department

Slide 20:

Thanks to our youth for volunteering

Slide 22:

Getting the popcorn ready….

Slide 25:

-Boxing Championship-

Slide 31:

Pie Eating Contest

Slide 32:

The Barrett’s would like to thank you for sponsoring, volunteering, and hosting this NNO 2011. Without you it would not be possible.

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