How can we Improve Higher Education

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What is Education? : 

What is Education? Informed perspective towards life & the world in general Employability skills Innovative minds Encourages creativity

Present Education system : 

Present Education system MARKS Rote learning No self development Narrow perspective Not contemporary Apes the west

Some facts : 

Some facts 300 universities over 15,000 colleges 3rd largest in number of students No Indian University in the top 200 only IIT ranked 41, three each from China, Hong Kong and South Korea Only about 10 per cent population enters higher education in India over 15 per cent in China and 50 per cent in developed countries.

How can we Improve Education? : 

How can we Improve Education?

Changes desired : 

Changes desired Better remuneration for teachers More focus on practical learning Broadening the world view Teacher as a facilitator

Changes desired in Higher education : 

Changes desired in Higher education orientation classes / personality development attract better talents into teaching more operational freedom remove corruption reward productivity and punish laxity Industry specific education Combining other fields of knowledge Impartial government aid

Changes at the Government level : 

Changes at the Government level Recognition to be given to worthy colleges(NAAC) To incorporate newly discovered fields of knowledge regulate the fee structure and donations UGC - better functioning Non politicising of education system

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