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order of different adjectives


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Adjective Order:

Adjective Order

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O Opinion S Size A Age S Shape C Colour O Origin M Material Nice Beautiful Perfect Big Tiny Small Little Old New Antique Round Square Triangular Blue Purple Maroon English Chilean Mexican Wooden Metal Golden


Exercises 1. Which is the correct order? a small Canadian thin lady a Canadian small thin lady a small thin Canadian lady a thin small Canadian lady

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2. Which is the correct order? a new French exciting band a French new exciting band an exciting French new band an exciting new French band

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3 . Which is the correct order? a cotton dirty old tie a dirty cotton old tie an old cotton dirty tie a dirty old cotton tie

Put these words in order:

Put these words in order small white cat a interesting that film German 3. red liquid a warm 4. traditional songs beautiful Spanish some 5. shoes tennis dirty plastic 6. village lovely old the 7. Old three Mexican sisters. 8. A round elephant antique golden

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9.My teacher old maths smelly 10.New a perfect system 11.Black small box Turkish a old 12.Man a fat friendly young 13.A businessman horrible greedy

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