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Sweden cultural dimensions Submitted By: Amritanshu Sunita

Swedes’ religion and Society : 

Swedes’ religion and Society

Likings and habits of swedes : 

Likings and habits of swedes Food Habits: Potatoes, Meat, Fish and Alcoholic beverages Dress Standards: Less class differentiated More relaxed They love long summer days at waterside cottages.

Norms and values : 

Norms and values Reserve in body language. They are against drunk driving. Don’t praise another city in Sweden. Like high level of hygiene and safety. Leader in gender equality and Sexual freedom. Marrying for money and security is less. Sambo relationship is legal.

Corporate Culture : 

Corporate Culture Shake hands with everyone present at business meeting. Very punctual. To call a waiter wave your hand and make eye contact. Only dinner will serve at dinner party. Allow seniors in rank or hosts to toast first. Guest tap his glass with knife or spoon after finishing the meal and thanking the host.

Greet Hofstede cultural dimentions : 

Greet Hofstede cultural dimentions Score of sweden-31 Highest-104 and Lowest-11 a)Power distance is less b)Uncertainity avoidance is high c)High level of individualism d)Masculine country.

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