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Why Have Your Own Business? Employee Entrepreneur vs. More Work at Fixed Pay No Work, No Pay Work Won’t Last a Lifetime Bound by Company Rules & Regulation 8-12 Hours of Hard work They Control Their Time and Money No Work, With Pay More Work, Higher Pay Business Can Last a Lifetime You’re The Boss. Make Your Own Rules

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Business Permits Bureau of Internal Revenue Securities and Exchange Commission Barangay Clearance Mayor’s Permit

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A Business that Offers the People’s Basic Needs Is Always the Best Business FOOD CLOTHING SHELTER WER NA U? D2 NA ME =-) CELLPHONE LOAD! LOL =-D KAMUSTA NA? EOW PHOWZ We are in an Age where Communication is Essential. Cellphone Load is now considered as a Person’s Necessity! What is the Best Business Today?

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Target Market

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Powered By:

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Your Cellphone is an Expense-Generating Device UniLOAD Goal:Make Your Cellphone an Income-Generating Device TURNING YOUR CELLPHONE FROM LIABILITY IN TO ASSET

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TRADITIONAL E-Loading Dealership 1. Area Specific – You can only have retailers within your area. 2. One Telecom Exclusivity – Dealership for Smart, Sun & Globe is a completely separate thing. You need to avail of all the 3 to be able to supply all the major prepaid demands. 3. P40,000 to P100,000 investment to be a Dealer of the Major Networks

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Traditional Retailer vs. P4,500 P750 P3,000 Total Investment Needed to be a Retailer of 3 Networks = Use your Own Cell phone and Existing SIM Card! 1 Loadwallet, LOADS Everything! Sell 406 Prepaid Products and Counting! You will be both a DEALER and a RETAILER at the same time! Sell E-loads thru Internet! Personal Online Account with Inventory System! E-load discounts of up to 23%! SIM Cell Phone Loadwallet All for Only: P8,250! P3,988!

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Combining the Best of Both Worlds! With Enjoy the Convenience of Menu-based Retailing & 1-SIM-Loads-ALL E-loading! No More Hassle of Typing Keywords!

How to Replenish Loadwallet? : 

How to Replenish Loadwallet? 1. Unigosyo Main Office or Nearest Uniload Distributor Center in Your Area 2. Deposit to Any of these LOADCENTRAL Bank Accounts 1. Through their Dealers 2. Deposit to Any of these LOADCENTRAL Bank Accounts DEALERS RETAILERS

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6 Ways to Earn in

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Ways to Earn 1. Sell E-load and get up to 25% Discount More than 406 Prepaid Products and Counting!

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Ways to Earn 2. Register UNLIMITED number of Retailers P200 per Registration Example: 20 Retailer Sign-up x P200 = P4000 Just Register 20 Retailers and You Get Back Your Investment Already! Register E-load Retailers and Internet Café Owners in Your Area!

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Ways to Earn 3. Dealer Overrides It will be reflected in your dealer account as GRO or Gross Retailers Override which will automatically go to your loadwallet. Conversion is real-time. Example: 20 Retailers x 500 Eload/day =10,000 worth of Eload sold/day 10,000 x 30 days =300,000 worth of load used or sold/mo. =9,000 / mo. 3% Dealer can earn up to 5% for every load consumed by his retailer

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Earn up to 5% Commission on Every Retailer’s Sale 5% 2% 1% 3% 1% 5% 2%

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You Can Also Have Retailers Abroad! Just Register them a USERNAME and they can start selling E-Loads Using our Internet Webtool Account RETAILER RETAILER 4% 2%

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Ways to Earn 4. Direct Selling of MyPhone Units Example: TW8 DUO – SRP is P4,999 TW8 DUO - Dealer Price is P4,356 Less 13% You sold 5 units of TW8 DUO @ P4,999 each P4,999 x 5 = P24,995 But you only got it @ P4,356 each P4,356 x 5 = P21,780 discounted dealers price So you earned P3,215 instantly! As a Uniload member, we can enjoy up to 13% Discount in all MyPhone Units. We can sell it at SRP and earn extra cash! Another great earning opportunity only here at UniGOSYO.

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Ways to Earn 5. DIRECT REFERRALS INCENTIVE (DRI) Dealer can endorse another Dealer either for UniMotors, UniPrint and UniLoad Unlimited Referrals Team A Team B 500 Unlimited DRI of P500 500

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6. TEAM INCENTIVES When the system detects a PAIR OF NEW NAMES each falling under Teams A and B, dealer earns an additional P 500.00. Ways to Earn Team A Team B Dealer Dealer 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500

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Team A Team B TEAM INCENTIVES 1 1 P 500 10 10 P 5000 20 20 P 10,000 60 60 P 30,000 P 45,500

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A B 500 A B A B 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 WANT MORE THAN 900,000 A MONTH? THEN YOU WANT 3D PACKAGE 900,000 X 3 = 2.7 M/mo. INCREASE THE LIMIT OF YOUR INCOME 3X THE SAFETY NET!

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YOU A B YOU YOU A YOU B YOU A YOU B YOU Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer Dealer A B A B A B A B 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 7D PACKAGE INCREASE THE LIMIT OF YOUR INCOME 7X THE SAFETY NET!

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Be an Area Exclusive Distributor! Package Includes: 108 UniGOSYO Kit 50,000 Loadwallet Up to 26% E-load Discount Up to 7% Retailer Override Less P300 for every Dealer’s Kit P450,000 Total Investment Immediate ROI of P483,704! Direct Referral and Team Sales Incentive Still Not Included.

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Manila Caloocan City Las Pinas Makati Malabon Mandaluyong Marikina Muntinlupa Paranaque Quezon City San Juan Taguig Valenzuela Pateros Navotas Pasay Pasig Luzon Angeles City, Pampanga Mabalacat, Pampanga Mexico City, Pampanga San Fernando, Pampanga Santa Ana, Pampanga Antipolo City, Rizal Cainta, Rizal San Mateo, Rizal Tanay, Rizal Aringay, La Union San Jose City, Nueva Ecija Bacoor, Cavite Cavite City, Cavite Dasmarinas, Cavite Baguio City Baliuag, Bulacan Pandi, Bulacan San Jose DM, Bulacan Batangas City Legaspi, Batangas Lipa City, Batangas Sto. Tomas, Batangas Tanauan City, Batangas Visayas Tagbilaran, Bohol Catarman, Northern Samar Iloilo City, Iloilo Passi, Iloilo Sara, Iloilo Igmaras, Iloilo Tacloban City, Samar Roxas City, Capiz Bacolod City, Negros San Jose City, Antique Cebu City, Cebu Calintaan, Mindoro Tacloban, Leyte Mindanao Tagum City, Davao Davao City Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur Zamboanga City Gen. Santos City, South Cotobato UniLOAD Distributor Centers Nationwide San Fernando, La Union Badoc, Ilocos Norte Boac, Marinduque Lucena, Quezon Infanta, Quezon

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UniLOAD Distributor Centers Nationwide Do you want to be a Distributor in Your Area? Start your OWN Distributor Centre with just P150,000 downpayment! Initial Package includes: 27 kits + P50,000 worth of Loadwallet 27 kits 1st payment of P100,000 27 kits 2nd payment of P100,000 27 kits 3rd payment of P100,000 Complete Package of 108 kits = P450,000 Complete Investment It’s Not Too Late! Come and Avail of our Distributorship PROMO!

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P3,988 1 NO 406 (as of 07/14/11) Vanity Number Menu-based/Shorter UNLIMITED YES NO Up to 25% NONE 15 mins – 2 hrs Max Up to 5% NONE METROBANK/BDO/BPI YES YES YES (ALL MyPHONE Units) 73 (span of 7 months) YES Less P50 P500 YES P3,988 1 YES 284 (as of 06/14/11) Multiple Cell Nos. Long Codes 20 NO YES Up to 14% P500 4 hrs – Next Day Up to 2% P500 UNIONBANK/BDO/BPI NO NO NO 66 (span of 3 years) NO Less P60 + 10% P1000 NO

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PRODUCTS OFFERED EARNING OPPORTUNITY TARGET MARKET VALUE FOR MONEY + MARKETABILITY E-Load, MyPhone, Other Products Direct Selling of E-Load MyPhone Other Products UniMotors UniPrint DIRECT REFFERAL and TEAM INCENTIVES Prepaid Cellphone Users Cellphone Buyers Motorcycle Buyers Printing Business Franchisers Business Minded People E-Load Only Direct Selling of E-Load DIRECT REFFERAL and TEAM INCENTIVES Prepaid Cellphone Users More UniLOAD E-Loading Business ADVANTAGES OVER ITS COMPETITOR Pareng V


Package Includes The Following: UniGOSYO ID 20 Guides 50 Fliers ECO Bag DVD Presentation Poster Tarpaulin MyPhone Dealership Other Products Discount and still more to come SOON! UniGOSYO’s UniLOAD KIT P3,988 only

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UniLOAD Earning Potential P30,000 / DAY P210,000 / WEEK P900,000 / MONTH UniGOSYO makes sure that its members have equal earning opportunity Maximum income should only be

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Even If You Only Referred 2 Dealers in Your Lifetime… EARN A TOTAL OF P1.9M IN 12 MONTHS Worst Case Scenario You Can Still…. Amazing! Isn’t It?

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Worst Case Scenario Probability Study 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 1,500 1,500 1,000 2,500 128 256 512 2,000 4,000 8,000 16,000 32,000 128,000 256,000 4,500 8,500 16,500 32,500 64,500 64,000 128,500 256,500 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 512,500 1,024 512,000 1,024 1,024,500 2,048 2,048 1,924,500 900,000 1,024,000

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What if You Just Referred 4 Dealers in Your Lifetime And You & All Your Referred Dealers Did the Same… How Much Could You Earn in a 7-Month Period??? Worst Case Scenario Part 2

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Worst Case Scenario Part 2 Probability Study 2 8 32 128 512 2,048 3,000 3,000 4,000 7,000 16,000 64,000 256,000 23,000 87,000 343,000 1,243,000 2 8 32 128 512 2,048 1,024,000 8,192 2,143,000 8,192 900,000 900,000 4,096,000

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Do You Know that your P3,988 Registration Fee at is consumable Via Unimotors or UniPrint ?* *One Time Use Only

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UNI GOSYO Business Packages E-Load Dealership MyPhone Dealership Other Product Discounts Flagship Product of UniGOSYO Motorcycle Dealership FREE UniLoad Dealership Account Start Your Own Printing Business FREE UniLoad Dealership Account

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Selling ALL Brands of Motorcycles Nationwide! UniMotors vs Top Dealers For more info please visit www.unimotorsph.com Low DP. All-in Cash out

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Advantages Pambayad ba? Tutulong kami! Get PAID for referring. IKAW: Masaya dahil may bagong motor. Gusto mo namang may pambayad monthly Up to P1,500 KA. For referring your friend PEDRO Up to P1,500 KA pa rin. For PEDRO referring his friend BEBANG. Up to P1,500 KA pa rin. For BEBANG referring kahit yung hindi mo na kakilala Unimotors Members can also refer his other friends or relatives or anyone who are interested to buy a motorcycle and he will never worry about his monthly dues because the Direct Referral incentive and the Pairing Bonus from Unigosyo will take care of it Just Buy a Motorcycle and You will Automatically become a UniGOSYO Member! And Have your Own E-Loading Business. All for FREE! Existing Uniload Dealers, your Package Payment of P3,988 will be deducted to the Motorcycle’s Down payment! E.g. Honda Dash Mags – DP is P4,500 – P3,988 You will now pay only a DP of P512 and the Unit is yours! Existing Uniload Dealers, just refer someone who wants to buy a motorcycle and you will automatically get P500 Direct Referral Incentive and another P500 if there’s a pairing in your network! “May MOTOR Ka Na, May Business ka pa! Saan ka pa? Sa Unigosyo’s UniMOTORS lang yan!”

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Printing Business Package The Complete Solution to ALL your Printing Needs Choose your own Package. From T-shirt, to mug to personalized button pins. We have it ALL for you! You will never have to worry about where to get your Printing Business supplies and materials. Avail a package from UniPrint and you will automatically become a Unigosyo member! And also have your own E-loading Business! ALL for FREE! Existing Uniload Dealers, your membership fee of P3,988 will be deducted to your chosen printing package amount “May Printing Business ka na, may E-load business pang kasama, saan ka pa? Sa UniGOSYO’s UniPrint lang yan!” For more info visit www.uniprint.com.ph

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Be In UNI GOSYO and Reach for Your Dreams!

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UniGOSYO Technical E-Loading Tutorial Soon to Come. UniCar & UniTravel UNI GOSYO Business Packages

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