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SAP Business Intelligence 7.0 (SAP Netweaver 2004s )

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SAP AG & SAP BI Is a Germany based software corporation founded in June 1972 Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany Largest software company in Europe and the fourth largest globally SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence ( SAP NetWeaver BI ) is the Business Intelligence, analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing solution produced by SAP AG. It was originally named SAP BIW (Business Information Warehouse), then abbreviated to SAP BW, but is now known as "SAP BI" at the end user level. The 7.0 version of BW was released in June 2006 as part of the SAP NetWeaver 7.0

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Purpose of Business Intelligence (BI) Collects and analyses the large set of enterprise data Helps to gain insight supporting the decision-making process within the company Quick reports creation about business processes and their results and analyze data Helps optimize business processes Enables to take quick actions and in line with the market, creating decisive competitive advantages for the company

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Key Areas of Business Intelligence 1. Tools for accessing and for visualization The BI Suite containing the Business Explorer (BEx) provides flexible reporting and analysis tools targeted at end users. You can analyze data in the following areas in the Business Explorer: BEx Analyzer (Microsoft Excel-based analysis tool with pivot-table-like features) BEx Web Analyzer (Web-based analysis tool with pivot-table-like features) BEx Web Application Designer (customer-defined and SAP BI Content provided) BEx Report Designer (highly formatted Web output)

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Key Areas of BI Contd. 2. 3. 4. BI Content Publishing content Pre-Configured SAP-delivered objects allow rapid development (DataSources, Transfer Structures, ODSs, InfoCubes, Queries, etc.) Based on Best Practices BEx Broadcaster makes it easy to broadcast BI applications by e-mail or to the portal. Provides information relevant to the right employees at the right time. Performance and security

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Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) Enterprise data is collected centrally in the Enterprise Data Warehouse of SAP NetWeaver BI. Technical cleanup steps are then performed and business rules are applied in order to consolidate the data for evaluations. The consolidated data is stored in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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What is SAP Netweaver ? Many IT companies are structuring their software offerings around what is referred to as a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). When these software services support all functions needed by the entire business enterprise, an Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) is born. SAP's brand name for this ESA is SAP NetWeaver.

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Sources of Data for BI mySAP Business Suite SAP System Non SAP System Data providers Databases (DB Connect) or complex sources (Universal Data Integration [UDI])

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Data Staging Technologies DB Connect UD Connect SAP Source Systems File Web Services

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