career planning and sucession planning

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Career & succession planning:

Career & succession planning

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A career is the pattern of work-related experiences (e.g.; job position, job duties, decisions , and subjective interpretations about work-related events) and activities over the span of the person’s work life. CAREER PLANNING is a process whereby an individual sets career goal and identifies the means to achieve them.

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Career planning is not an event or end in itself, but a continuous process of developing HR for achieving optimum results. Organization also help the employees in career planning so that both can satisfy each other’s needs

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The Career Path of H. Lee Scott, CEO, Wal -mart Born in Joplin, MO Son of a gas station manager and an elementary school music teacher Father’s helper, Phillips 66 gas station Graduated from Baxter Springs High School, Baxter Springs, KS B.S. degree in Business, Pittsburg State University in Kansas Executive Development Program, Penn State University Executive Development Program, Columbia University Laborer , tire mold manufacturer Management training program, Yellow Freight Terminal manager, Yellow Freight Systems Assistant director of transportation, Wal-Mart Director of transportation, Wal-Mart Vice president of transportation, Wal-Mart Vice president of distribution, Wal-Mart Senior vice president of logistics, Wal-Mart Executive vice president of logistics, Wal-Mart Executive vice president of merchandise, Wal-Mart President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores division Vice chairman and COO, Wal-Mart Director of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. President and CEO, Wal-Mart


CHANGING ORGANISATIONS Selecting a field of employment and employer: First step is to think in terms of where you ultimately want to be. Recognize, of course, that your career goals will change over time. View every potential employer and position in terms of your long range career goal. Then ask yourself the question: Q : how well dose this job serve to position me in terms of my ultimately objective ?


NEED FOR CAREER PLANNING NEED Team Spirit and coordination To provide suitable promotional opportunities Create vision to the employees To reduce Turnover Exposure to confront with the challenges To improve motivation & morale To attract competent person & to retain them


AVOID BIG CAREER MISTAKES- TO GO AHEAD Having NO plans: Lacking Expectations: People who don’t understand what their employer would expect them to deliver are bound to miss the Bus. Being a Loner : The Golden rule of work is relationships, ….& relationships. Waffling : Business respect those who are willing to take tough decisions & deliver things- right or wrong. Covering UP: Focusing too Narrowly :



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Exploration Stage : Usually ends in one’s mid twenty, for the individual ,this is the stage of self-exploration seeking answer to various puzzling questions about career. Has the least relevance from the organization point of view, but can still track the minds of young people by offering internship to them or offering on-the-job training . Establishment Stage : One begin the search for work and picks up the first job. First experience on the job, peer group evaluations, personal tensions and anxieties etc Mid –Career Stage : There is Continuous improvement in performance, organization place the person that requires experience and maturity.

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Late- Career Stage: Plays the part of an elder statesperson. The persons experience and judgment are greatly valued. One can teach other and share the experience with others. Decline Stage: Final stage of one’s career, marked as Retirement.



Organizational and individual career planning:

Organizational and individual career planning Organizational Career Planning Career paths definition Upgrading of HR for increased productivity Career Counseling for quality of work life Matching of organizational needs and career needs. Assessment of individual potential job Individual Career Planning Identifying your interests, skills and potential. Identifying your life goal and career goals Evaluating internal &external opportunities Seeking counsel from manager on career plans and progress Developing a written plan to achieve the goals.


CAREER DEVELOPMENT The evolution or development of a career - informed by :- (1)Experience within a specific field of interest (2)Success at each stage of development – and (3)Educational attainment Career development involves the person’s creation of a career pattern, decision-making style, integration of life roles, values expression, & life-role self concepts."

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Career development looks at the long-term career effectiveness of employees. VALUE ADDITION FACTORS Commitment towards job Team spirit and coordination Needed talents are found Exposure to confront with the challenges Creative vision to an employees Reduced employee’s frustration

Tools and activities:

Tools and activities SELF- ASSESSMENT TOOLS: Two self-assessment tools: Career planning workshop & career workbook. INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING INFORMATION SERVICES For compiling & communicating career related information to employees, organizations use 4 methods: Job Posting System : To inform about the vacancies . Skills Inventory : Contains employee’s work histories, Qualifications, accomplishments, career objectives, geographical preferences, possible retirement dates. Etc…..

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3 . Career Ladders& career paths: 4 . Career Resource Centre: Career centre is a sort of library in the organization established to distribute career development materials such as: Career manuals, brochures, newsletters &learning guides.. EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME : Formal orientation programmers are used to educate employees on career programme, career paths & opportunities for advancement within the company.

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EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME : Consist of Skill assessment & training efforts the organization use to groom their employees for future vacancies. Seminars, Workshops, Job rotation, mentoring programe . CAREER PROGRAMMES FOR SPECIAL GRO UPS



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