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Why do student online portfolios work? (or do they?):

http://voicethread.com/share/2172825/ Why do student online portfolios work? (or do they?)

What types of portfolios are there?:

What types of portfolios are there? Content portfolios contain class assignments that are very directed by and assigned by the teacher. You can easily involve parents and report individual progress. Schools can compare achievement across classrooms and track learning. Photo clipart


Research Many students have little knowledge of what traditional grades really Mean as far as what they did or did not do correctly. Portfolios “provides structure for involving students in developing and understanding criteria for good efforts, in coming to see the criteria as their own, and applying the criteria to their won and other students’ work”. “Students benefit from an awareness of the processes and strategies involved in writing, solving a problem, researching a topic, analyzing information, Or describing their own observations.” (Stewart, David 1993) Adamgreiserwordpress.com

Some examples of student portfolios:

Some examples of student portfolios http:// longwood.cs.ucf.edu/~MidLink/portfolios.dms.html

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Office of Research Education consumer Guide, David Stewart, November 1993

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