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English Project Work

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A Dog Named Duke

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INDEX Doberman pinscher Of Charles (chuck) Hooper ,the hero Chuck Hooper involved in a serious accident Hooper after the hospital stay Duke arrives home Chuck and Duke Chuck tries to stand up egged by Duke Chuck collapses in the armchair Chuck four steps Chuck reaches the front porch on his own with Duke Chuck’s tremendous progress to be on his own Chuck ready to work Duke as a real human support and Chuck’s promotion Chuck ,Duke and Marcy in new house Duke dies A tribute to Duke through Chuck

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The Doberman Pinscher (alternatively spelled Dobermann in many countries) or simply Doberman, is a breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Dobermann Pinschers are among the most common of pet breeds, and the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion dog. Although once commonly used as guard dogs or police dogs, this is less common today. Doberman Pinscher

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This is the story of the dog named Duke and how he nursed his master Charles -`Chuck’ Hooper .Charles Hooper (Chuck), a six-foot-one man, was a man of competitive nature. He was already a hard –charging zone sales manager of a chemical company. He was enjoying a successful life. DUKE CHARLES HOOPER OF CHARLES (Chuck) HOOPER, THE HERO

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Unfortunately , one autumn twilight when he was driving home , a car pulled out in front of him without warning .He received serious injuries with heavy bleeding in the brain . His side stood paralysed. He could only breath and see with double vision. His wife Marcy asked their neighbour to put their duke in a kennel. CHUCK HOOPER INVOLVED IN A SERIOUS ACCIDENT

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Hooper remained critical for a month . The company asked him to take a year off. They would create a desk job for him at the company headquarters. He was put in a wheelchair . Chuck Hooper was given physiotherapy but he didn’t show much progress . While at home ,Chuck felt very low when his wife Marcy quietly went work . HOOPER AFTER THE HOSPITAL STAY

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Their dog duke was brought home . Chuck said that he wanted to be standing when duke came in . He men him stood him up .when duke came he charged into a missile of joy by springing on his master Chuck Hooper . Hooper could hardily keep his balance. from that moment duke took up his position near Chuck’s bed and never jumped on him . DUKE ARRIVES HOME

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CHUCK AND DUKE Chuck couldn’t feel cheered up even after duke’s arrival . Marcy felt it an cried at chuck’s predicament. he continued looking all around at ceiling , outside and then at duke . But duke couldn’t take it for long . He would go to chuck and look at him posing many questions. But chuck ask him to just sit there .

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CHUCK TRIES TO STAND UP EGGED BY DUKE One evening chuck hooked the leash onto duke’s collar with his good hand . Duke moved U - shaped and pranced imbalancing chuck. Chuck fought for balance . He placed the leash in his left hand with his good hand and folded the paralyzed finger over it . Then he leaned forward .With Marcy supporting him by the elbow , he moved his right leg out in front .

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Chuck Collapses In The Armchair When he straightened his right leg his left foot dragged forward with his right foot . It could called a step . Duke feeling the sudden slack pulled the leash taut . Chuck controlled himself from falling and straightened up . But he collapsed into the wheelchair. 1 st step

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CHUCK TAKES FOUR STEPS Next day duke jabbed his nose under chuck ‘s elbow charging to his good side. Chuck’s arm reached for the leash and he stood up with duke’s tugging the leash. chuck took four step that day. 1 st step 2 nd step 3 rd step 4 th step

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Chuck reaches the front porch on his own Learning back against the pull , chuck learned to keep his balance without Marcy to support him. Taking steps and increasing them day by day , they reached the front porch .

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CHUCK TREMENDOUS PROGRESS TO BE ON HIS OWN By mid April neighbors saw a daily struggle of Chuck and Duke pull his leash, stand and wait . Chuck would drag himself abreast of the dog . Then Duke would walk upto the end of the leash and wait for chuck . Very soon chuck was able to walk. When Marcy told the doctor about Chuck’s progress , he prescribed a course of physiotherapy. Soon Duke and Chuck would make two trips a day . Duke would no longer wait for Chuck at each step .

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CHUCK READY TO WORK On January 4, Chuck walked 200 meters from the clinic to his company’s Local branch office .The staff was amazed at Chuck’s progress .The manager asked Chuck to be on work . Chuck demanded an empty desk and a dictating machine . He set his objective of working full day on March 1.

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DUKE AS A REAL HUMAN SUPPORTER AND CHUCK’S PROMOTION After March 1 Chuck didn’t need the physiotherapy . He turned to Duke who pulled him along the street increasingly his stability and endurance . Something Chuck would trip and fall but Duke would wait for him as if he knew his job of taking care of his master . Thirteen months after this moment , Chuck was promoted to regional manager .

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CHUCK ,DUKE AND MARCY IN NEW HOUSE In March 1956 chuck , Marcy and Duke moved to their new house . The neighbours didn’t know the story of Duke and chuck . All they knew was that chuck walked like a mechanical giant and the dog pulled him as if he owned him .

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DUKE DIES After about nine months , Duke had had an accident . Marcy took up duke to the animals hospital . He was attended to properly but died as his injuries were very sever .chuck’s neighbours saw chuck walk alone . They wondered if chuck would go alone and how far.

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A tribute to Duke through Chuck A few week ago Chuck received an order from his company as if a special tribute to Duke . Chuck stood appointed as assistant National Sales Manager of his company.

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Doberman Dogs

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Doberman is the only dog breed, which purpose is to be “bodyguard” for its master. It’s made from the German Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. Later, Otto Goeller continued to develop the breed and he set up a club for raising and training Dobermans in Germany. Since then Doberman is an object of admiration because of its temperament and appearance.

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Doberman is an intelligent, easy trainable and strong dog. It lives with the will to serve for the man. Full of energy, jolly and sociable, it creates a health relation with its human family and especially with the “chosen” guy, who is the only one for the dog in its entire life. Doberman exist to be right beside its master, to take care of him and protect his life.

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Doberman is always ready for squabble with the enemy, but in reality at home it’s just your pet. Doberman is a part from your “pack” and doesn’t trust anyone foreigner. Because of that the partnership, which you will start with your Doberman is forever – true and strong.

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Except being an excellent bodyguard, Doberman serves for people in the police – it chaises after a trace, search for drugs and also it is a leader dog for blind people. Raising and training Doberman you will be well-rewarded with a noble, careful, fearless and loyal friend, always ready to work for you, and to make your wishes come true, as it has to be.

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The first known facts for the Doberman’s breed are from 1870, when Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, tax collector in Apolda, Thueringen (who by reason of the nature of his job he took with him lot’s of money) he decided to create a dog, which will keep him safe and sound. He, of course, was a lover of dogs, and was raising a pinscher. In Apolda every year, starts from 1863 were made a dog market. In this market was exposed the new dog in 1876.

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Today is hard to define from which breed have been created the Doberman. According to a research from 1933 to a club Doberman, probably the first used dog is the German Pinscher. Other supposed breeds are the Rottweiler (although the famous dog raiser Otto Goeller denies it), Shepherd dog from Boss in France, English Greyhound, Manchester Terrier (with its rusty spots). German Pinscher Rottweiler Shepherd dog English Greyhound Manchester Terrier Weimaraner Pointer Other research recognizes the parents of Doberman Dog, Weimaraner and Pointer, probably by reason of the similarity in the pelt on the head of the hunt dog.

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In the beginning Doberman’s appearance has been very different. Most likely, its appearance has been like Pinscher’s, from which he took the boldness and the guards pose. Officially the breed is admitted in 1893.

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Project Work done by :- Shalki &Vinita

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