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Term Paper on Global Recession :

Term Paper on Global Recession

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Introduction :

Introduction These days the most talked about news is the current financial crisis that has engulfed the world economy. Every day the main headline of all newspapers is about our falling share markets, decreasing industrial growth and the overall negative mood of the economy.  For many people an economic depression has already arrived whereas for some it is just round the corner. In our opinion the depression has already arrived and it has started showing its effect on Bangladesh.

What is global recession?:

What is global recession? An economy passes through different phases of economic cycle, one of them is recession. A recession is when GDP growth slows, businesses stop expanding, employment falls, unemployment rises, and housing prices decline.

Reasons behind global recession :

Reasons behind global recession Recessions generally occur when there is a widespread drop in spending often following an adverse supply shock or the bursting of an economic bubble . Every economist in this world believes that recession is something that can’t be avoided. In an economy there are period of high growth, slow growth or no growth. For an economy to be called as healthy it should have contraction as well as expansion. Economy can be said in recession only when GDP falls for two consecutive years.

Impact of global recession :

Impact of global recession Unemployment Business Social effects Stock Market Crash Exports come down Layoffs Work long for less salary TAKA weakening against dollar Loan to NINJA (No Income, No Job, No Assets).

Measures to reduce global recession :

Measures to reduce global recession Contain Inflation Encourage Imports of High-Priced Commodities Discourage Borrowings If Inflation Is Ruling High Encourage Savings Cut Taxes

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Reduce Government Expenditure And Focus On Infrastructure Development Encourage Exports Reduce Interest Rates Encourage Foreign Direct Investments Ensure Peaceful Atmosphere Conducive To Businesses

Conclusion :

Conclusion Government of a country is the key player to stop recession and to divert the economy to the path of growth.  The prime actions of a government on fighting against recession should be focused on increasing money circulation, containing inflation, boosting per capita disposable income, reducing per capita debt level, balancing interest rates, ensuring an atmosphere conducive to business activities and any other supporting measures for these causes.

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