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Why team 25000 15000 10000 An Effort for Personality Development

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- Problem Solving & decision making - Conflict Resolution - Convert “Watching People” to “Performing People” - Utilization of skill - Improve communication Definition1 Need of Teaming To Achieve uncommon result with common men

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A Team is a Small Group of people with Complementary Skill Who are committed to common purpose & approach for which they hold Themselves mutually accountable . Benefit & learning

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We will not talk about the benefits of Team … Meaning of Team, Stages of Teaming Structure of Team , Way to make Team Stronger , & 5. Lesson from geese We will discuss: What team means

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M A E T Stages of teaming

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Forming Storming Norming Performing Forming Orientation Conflict Cohesion Performance

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Structure Forming Orientation - Tentative Interactions - Polite discourse (Discussion) - Concern over ambiguity - Self-discourse

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Storming Conflict - Criticism of Idea - Poor attendance - Hostility - Polarization Common Conflict

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Common Team Problem - One of my team member is rude - Most of teammates want to skip step & rush to the last part - No one takes it seriously - Some of them concentrate on self progress only - Some of the teammates skip meetings - There is politics ! Norming (Perspective) maOnao @yaa krnaa yahIM nahI samaJa rha hO...

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Norming Cohesion What is norms - Reduction in role ambiguity - Verbal agreement of procedure - Revision of rules based on team experience - Transparency - Enhance “ We” feeling Role for individual & Rules for all

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Leader & Boss - Often un-written, widely applied without arguments What is “Norms” - Like a rule or a standard - Different in different culture Often change over to time

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Leader & Boss To make your team Stronger Don’t be Boss ,be a Leader Drives his Members Depends on Authority Demonstrate Fear Says “I” Know Who is Wrong Demand respect Inspire his Members Depends on Goodwill Radiate Love Says “We” Know What is Wrong Command respect Performing

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Performing Lesson from geese Walls are replaced by Bridges Everyone start Achieving More - Starts achieving results - Team mates start boosting each other - Improved communication between Team & department - Nobody feel alone, hence can manage projects effectively even within tight time frame - Resolve issues & Overcome challenges

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One Leader, Many follower Flies in V Shape Change Leader Become a team member

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- Neither Profit nor pleasure ( for individual) are the primary motivation to team work - The moment u start doing any thing with another person U establish a team - Commitment - Trust - Cultural Change – Modify yourself accordingly - Good follower Thanks

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