A man who knew too much

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English Project W ork

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A Man Who Knew Too Much By:- Alexander Baron

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Alexander Baron (4 December 1917 – 6 December 1999) was a British author and screenwriter. He is best known for his highly acclaimed novel about D-Day entitled From the City from the Plough (1948) and his London novel The Lowlife (1963). His father was Barnet Bernstein, a Polish-Jewish immigrant to Britain who settled in the East End of London in 1908 and later worked as a furrier. Alexander Baron was born in Maidenhead and raised in the Hackney district of London. He attended Hackney Downs School . During the 1930s, with his schoolfriend Ted Willis , Baron was a leading activist and organiser of the Labour League of Youth (at that time aligned with the Communist Party ), campaigning against the fascists in the streets of the East End . Baron became increasingly disillusioned with far left politics as he spoke to International Brigade fighters returning from the Spanish Civil War , and finally broke with the communists after the Hitler – Stalin Pact of August 1939. [1] Alexander Baron

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Pictures of Alexander Baron

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The story is about a man named private quelch who likes to show off his knowledge.narrator and his friends also gave him nickname 'professor' due his lanky body and bespecaled looks.Although private quelch meant to acquire a stripe and to get comision.He works hard for his ambition but due to his habbit of interupting senoirs and showing off his knowledge he was nominated for permanent cookhouse duties by Corporal Turnbull.Corporal turnbull was a young and smart soldier who had returned from dunkirk,he was a man not to be triffled with.narrator and his fellow soldiers told each other that they could hammer nails into him without him noticing it.There are also many incidents in the story, when private quelch outshone his fellow soldiers(including narrator) on aircraft recognition,when professor interupted the sergeant and he asking questions to professor in hope of revenge.The story ends with a light note with private quelch lecturing his fellow soldiers on how to cut potato without its vitamin values being wasted. Summary

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MCQ Question Q:-1 Q:-2 Where did the writer meet private Quelch ? Who was Private Quelch ? a) Bus stand b) market C) Training depot d) house Writer b) professor c) Sergeant d) offier

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What was their first lesson in camp? In which shape they stand first? Q:-3 Q:-4 About hand grenade About service rifle How to use weopen How to use hand grenade Triangle b) square c) Circle d) rectangle

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What is the speed of riffle as told by the sergeant? What is the original speed of the r iffle? Q:-5 Q:-6 3000feet/sec b) 2500feet/sec c) 3500feet/sec d) 2000feet/sec 2,440feet/sec b) 3,360feet/sec c) 4,440feet/sec d) 5,340feet/sec

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Who question to professor that, “You had any training before”? Who is known as ordinary officer? Q:-7 Q:-8 Ordinary officer b) sergeant c) h is friend d) writer Officer of the day b) sergeant c) Best officer d) none of these

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Who announced the name of plane? How professor identified the plane? Q:-9 Q:-10 Ordinary officer b) professor c) Both a and b d) none of these By watching it High tip speed of the airscrew Both a and b None of these

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When the turning point come in t he Professor’s life? What is the position below the sergeant rank? Q:-11 Q:-12 Summer afternoon b) morning C) Evening d) none of these Officer b) Doctor c) Corporal officer d) none of these

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Corporal was taking lesson on? What no of parts of hand gren - ade ? Q:-13 Q:-14 Machine gun b) rifle c) Short gun d) hand grenade a) 35 b) 44 c) 40 d) 30

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To whom did the officer nominate for permanent cook house duties? Q:-15 Sergeant b) professor c) Corporal officer d) none of these

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Answers 1. Training depot (c) 2. Professor (b) 3. About service rifle (b) 4. Circle (c) 5. 2,000feet/sec (d) 6. 2,440feet/sec (a) 7. Sergent (b) 8. Officer of the day (a) 9. Professor (b) 10. High tip speed of the Airscrew (b)

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11. Summer afternoon (a) 12. Corporal officer (c) 13. Hand grenade (d) 14. 44 (b) 15. Professor (b)

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1 Word question Who was Private Quelch ? What is the speed of riffle as told by the sergeant? What was their first lesson in camp? Q:-1 Q:-3 Q:-2 professor About service rifle 2000 feet/sec Ans :- Ans :- Ans :-

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How professor identified the plane? What is the position below the sergeant rank? Q:-4 Q:-5 Q:-6 Who announced the name of plane? High tip speed of the airscrew Corporal officer professor Ans :- Ans :- Ans :-

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Who is known as ordinary officer? What is the meaning of unabashed? What no of parts of hand grenade? To whom did the officer nominate for permanent cook house duties? Q:-7 Q:-8 Q:-9 Q:-10 Officer of the day 44 professor unashamed Ans :- Ans :- Ans :- Ans :-

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Questions Q:-1 What is a nick name? Can you suggest another one for Private Quelch ? Q:-2 What di d professor mean by “ intelli - gent reading”? Q:-3 What were the profesor’s ambitions in the army? Q:-4 Describe Corporal Turnbull. Q:-5 How did Private Quelch manage to anger the Corporal?

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Secter-17 Chandigarh, Date:-27/05.11 Dear Sunil, It is almost three months since we parted and I haven't heard anything from you. It appears you have forgotten me. I hope you are keeping good health by the grace of Almighty. You will be pleased to know that it is proposed to form a Holiday Party to a hill station for 10 days and I have been nominated as one of the organisers . Our examinations are now over and the results has been announced. By the grace of God I have secured first position in the class. Suresh has been placed 2nd. Soon it is going to be very hot and in my opinion a trip to a hill station will provide us with ample diversion and will certainly be beneficial to health. Informal letter

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We propose to proceed to Mussorie which is regarded as the queen of hill stations in Northern India. We wish to catch the Mussorie Express on the night of 25th of May. This train will leave us at Dehradun by 7 A.M. on 26th. From Dehradun we shall hire a taxi which will take us to Mussorie by 9 A.M. We have already got a lodging booked for a fortnight. We propose to visit all important places and plant to enjoy ourselves on the rope way swings which have recently been constructed and constitute a great source of attraction. The inclusion of five girls in our party will provide an added charm to the trip. We are arranging for a number of cameras for the purpose of photographing beautiful scenes. We have also got certain singers in our party. We have also arranged for a movie camera for filming certain important aspects of life at Mussories , I am very much keen to have you in our company and hope you won't disappoint me. Please intimate me with the date on which you are leaving for Delhi. Please also let me know by what train you are coming so that I may receive you at the station. With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Nitin

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