Toyota Camry Sedan Report

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Toyota Camry Sedan Report:

2009 Camry Recall Toyota Camry Sedan Report

Introductory Summary:

Introductory Summary This report is concerning the 2009 Toyota Camry Recall. For years the Toyota Corporation has had a very good reputation. They have produced many excellent quality vehicles, but this past year found them struggling to gain the public’s trust after the many recalls that they had to make. From soft ware, floor mats and mechanical malfunctioning, its been hard to meet their high standards of quality that they were known for.

Introductory Summary Continued:

Introductory Summary Continued Are the 2009 Toyota Camry’s safe to drive? Is there more problems linked to the vehicles? Did the driver’s have any part in the many incidents that occurred? There were mechanical and software problems and also I found that part of the problem was driver related. The problems seemed to reflect the whole Toyota line, but in actuality it only affected certain Vin numbers. All we need to do is to run a check on the Vin numbers of the four autos that we are interested in purchasing to see if they match any of the recall vehicles. If there is no match, then I would suggest that we purchase the vehicles.

Background Information:

Background Information At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, there were three separate but related recalls of the automobiles by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The recalls were initiated after reports that several vehicles had experienced unintended acceleration with the outcome being fatal in some cases.

Background Information:

Background Information The First recall involved the front driver floor mat. The mat was getting stuck under the gas pedal and causing the vehicle to accelerate on it’s on. The Second recall was for mechanical malfunctioning. This involved the actual gas pedal mechanism itself. Regardless of whether the vehicle contained a floor mat or not, it would still accelerate at a high rate of speed. The Third recall was for the anti-lock brake software. After close inspection this was found not to be so. In most cases it was found to be driver’s error. It was due to the driver’s not being used to the vehicle and instead of applying the brake, they were pressing the gas pedal instead. This is known as Pedal Misapplication Factor.

Reports of Uncontrolled Acceleration:

Reports of Uncontrolled Acceleration Individual reports were difficult to verify. All the recalls for the different models were lumped together. They ranged from 2005 to 2010. Approximately 5.2 million vehicles were recalled for the pedal entrapment or floor mat problem and an additional 2.3 million vehicles were recalled for the accelerator pedal problem. Approximately 1.7 million vehicles were recalled subject to both problems. It was very difficult to determine the true number for the driver related errors because no one wanted to accept the blame for the accident.

Solution Toyota Implemented:

Solution Toyota Implemented Toyota dealers were told to modify the accelerator pedal and on certain vehicles to alter the shape of the floor surface under the pedal. Toyota was also willing to replace any and all floor mats for the driver side of the vehicle.

Notational Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Investigation:

Notational Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Investigation After a ten month investigation, the NHTSA found no electronic defects in the Toyota vehicles and there was no data indicating and bad parts having been used. Driver error or pedal misapplication was found to be responsible for most of the incidents. Although Toyota was found not to be responsible for the majority of the accidents, there reputation was still marred and it will take time to gain the publics trust back.


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