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Power Point Portfolio :

Power Point Portfolio By Faris Jaleel Virtual Health

Personal Health History :

Personal Health History When my parents decided to name me Faris it wasn’t something too out of the ordinary. My grandfathers uncle was also named Faris, they grew up in a small village and he was known very well and highly respected. My great-grandmother was his sister and he was her favorite brother, that also encouraged my dad to name me after him. He had a very good relationship with my great grandmother also. The name Faris originates in the Middle east hundreds of years ago. It simply means “knight” or “warrior”, It is an arabic name. Long ago, when people would prepare for battle, they would enter a village and ask them how many “faris’s” do you have, such as how many strong fighters are ready to go. The person who was referred to as “faris” rode a horse and stood out among the people as someone to look up to and a role model for battle. I was born on February 28th, 1994 in the city of Ramallah in Palestine. Palestine is an occupied territory and has been for the past 63 years, it is located in the middle east, south of Lebanon and west of Jordan.

Family Tree:

Family Tree Zamak Saddat Fadwa Khalil Ghassan Fareeha Marwan Faris Ranya Nora (I have an extremely large family, so this is something pretty basic)


America? My immediate family came to america not too long ago, but I have parts of my extended family on both my mom and dads side that have been here for years. My grandfather on my dads side obtained a green car in the late 1970s and wanted to send his oldest children to america for college. My dad is the 2nd oldest, so the three oldest boys were sent to study in America. My dad attended San Diego State University and got his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, my oldest uncle ended up getting his PhD. in Philosophy at Cornell. This showed them the opportunities in America, how capable we are as humans and we should take every chance we get to succeed. My mom has a few aunts who have moved to the united states a few decades ago and have settled their lives here. My dad after college went back to Palestine, got married to my mom and began their lives there. It wasn’t until 2002 that I came to the United States with my family. Today, I have my family living in San diego, I have my youngest uncle from my dads side living in San Diego Also. I have another uncle living in Virginia and another one living in Florida both from my dads side. For the most part, the rest of my family is residing in Palestine.

Family Health?:

Family Health? My entire family for the most par does not have reoccurring health problems, especially at the ages prior to being a senior. If there are any health issues they have been popping up when the person in my family reaches the age of 70 and over. The only thing that I can truely say has been reoccuring within my family is high blood pressure later in life, when they reached the ages over 75. Only a couple of my grandparents have gotten diabetes and it was later in their life. There have been a few cases of cancer, my dads uncle at the age of 77 was diagnosed with colon cancer but luckily he survived it. My cousin at the age of 2 was diagnosed with leukemia but luckily by the age of 5 she was cured. I can say for the most part we have tremendously good health in my family, I think it is because we are Palestinian. The food in other parts of the world, other then the United States is much healthier. Like, when they say this beef is fresh, that means they killed the cow this morning. Food in america is not very good for your body, there is also a lot of fast food which is uncommon in Palestine for the most part.

Fitness Data & Nutrition:

Fitness Data & Nutrition Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Studying 4 hours 2 hours 2 hours 3 hours 0 hours Sleep 7 hours 8 hours 8 hours 7 hours 10 hours TV 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour Computer 3 hours 4 hours 4 hours 3 hours 1 hour Phone 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min Totals 15hours 30 min 15 hours 30 min 15 hours 30 min 14 hours 30 min 12 hours 30 min

Social & Emotional Health:

Social & Emotional Health I enjoy doing a lot of things, playing soccer, working, anything that involves moving. I have a ton of energy. I’ve been known to be good with computers, I know a lot of computer programming. I love driving, cars is a big passion of mine. I only have had one fish in my lifetime, a beta fish when I was in 5th grade. I love traveling, its a big part of my life. I love visiting different countries, seeing how cultures and society interact and how they compare to where I have grown up and lived. I grew up in Palestine for most of my life. I have visited a good amount of countries for my lifetime. In Europe, I have been to Paris and Amsterdam. In the middle east, I have been to Jordan and Palestine. I have visited New york, New Jersey, Texas, and have lived in Florida and California. From the day I have came to America, I have attended a few schools. Highland Ranch elementary, Bernardo Heights Middle, Rancho Bernardo High and Del Norte High.

Health Triangle:

Health Triangle This is my health triangle, top corner represents physical, bottom right corner represents mental and bottom left corner represents social. The reason why my physical part is only 65 is because at this point in my life I am focusing more on school, work, and my future. I do put in an average amount of time a week for the benefit of my health but nothing over the usual limit. I am almost maxed out you could say on my mental and social, I focus a lot on these parts for the benefit on my future. For the physical side; I have a lot of energy, I love to be involved in sports, I love being productive, I love releasing energy after a long day. For the social side; I love meeting new people, I love competition between people, I love interaction, I love politics so being socially active is a plus. For the mental side; I am extremely self motivated when it comes to my future, I don’t let words bother me, high goals for myself. I believe in life when you have an obstacle, something that you are having trouble with it can cause troubles in all parts of your life. For example, if you do bad in school, your parents will be bad, your future will look bad, etc. It effects things after things. That is why everything is good in moderation if need be, you should always have everything set at a average or above average level to live a nice and normal life. Otherwise, you could see yourself trying to fix up one mistake and end up causing two more. 65 90 90

Timeline :

Timeline 1999 1996 1998 2003 2005 2006 2001 2002 2000 1994 2010 2009 2008 2012 2011 1994- Monday, Feb. 28th,1994 at 9:27pm I was born in Ramallah, Palestine 1996- August 9th My sister was born 1998- My first year of school, entering pre-school 1999- Kindergarten and learning how to ride a bike, pretty exciting year 2000- Second intifada began in Palestine, life was rough and started to sense the occupation at such a young age 2001- September 11th attacks on America occurred, changing the way the world viewed Muslims and people originating from the Middle East. 2002- Moving to America, changing my entire life, leaving everything I knew. Peak of the intifada in Palestine along with right after Sept. 11 attacks, life wasn’t looking so nice from now. 2003- New life, New Beginnings, New Everything. The year of tried everything different, from speaking to choosing what to eat. 2005- Finishing elementary school, moving onto next step of my life. Pretty settled where I am in life when it came to friends and family and where my life was headed. 2006- Middle school starts, won school spelling bee that year, surprising for a kid who learned english just a few years ago 2008- Ending Middle school, starting high school soon, wishing to head back to Palestine . Feeling something is lost in my life, like I don’t belong but continued here cause I knew I had to succeed in life and opportunities here for education are good 2010- Got my license, started working, making money is on my to do list everyday, enjoying where my life is heading. Plan on heading back to Palestine in the near future.

Personal Crest :

Personal Crest 1. I can’t really say I can choose one great personal achievement, but something I am really proud of is getting my license. 2. I think one of the happiest moments of my life was my first trip back to Palestine after moving to America. 3. My families greatest achievement I would have to say would have to be in education. Most of my extended family that came to this country straight from Palestine, started at community colleges and some ended with PhD.’s at Ivy league schools. 4. One thing I can truly say that I need to improve on is being patient. 5. If I had this chance, I would be the representative for the Palestinian People and do my best to help the people in every way and proceed to peace. 6. Smart, Funny, Unique 7. Faris Ghassan Khalil Saddat Khawaja


Song? Eminem- Not Afraid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s&feature=related

Future Aspirations:

Future Aspirations Dear Dad, You have by far been the biggest impact and inspiration in my life. I look up to you like no other. You’ve taught me everything I know, showed me from right to wrong, what to do and what not to do. I have listened and learned from every word you’ve ever told me. There is no one on this planet that I look at like I do you. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life, there are people all over that would die to have a role model like this in their life. That is why I can truly say that I am thankful. All I can say is thank you and keep doing what you’re doing because it is making a difference in my life. I hope to one day be like you and steer my children the way you have steered me. Sincerely, Faris

Future Aspirations [cont.]:

Future Aspirations [cont.] I have so many different aspects of my life I want to fulfill. I can see myself doing a lot of things in my life, whether it comes to working and choosing where to live. I believe after college, if my degree benefits me in a good enough way hopefully I can find good work in Palestine, possibly starting up my own business. I want to do this because I want to raise my children in Palestine, show them who they really are, I love being around my family and my country. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Frankly, I know the opportunities in America are endless and the education is extremely good. I believe the person who will succeed can succeed anywhere, when it comes to my children if they want to in their life, go to college in america then by all means I will back them up. I believe the person who is raised outside of America tends to be different in a unique way. Kids in america focus on a lot of stuff that most people in the rest of the world don’t, a lot of kids do drugs and drink and party while others in the world are dyeing to have equal rights. I don’t want the chance of my children walking into problems, or getting involved in drugs and alcohol. I can feel a lot comfortable in my own country where that on the other hand is not as common. If I had to accomplish just one thing in my life, I think it would be to be successful enough to live in Palestine, raise my family, and be proud of what I have done in my life. I think that right there is something nothing can top when it comes to accomplishments.

Media Awareness:

Media Awareness I think in todays media, we are effected tremendously. Everything we do and choose comes from choices of others it seems like today. No one is really unique enough, everyone looks at the people who make the most people, movie stars and musical artists for what to wear and how to act. I think its plain stupid, I think people in America focus too much on silly things like this, like what we should be wearing and how we should act depending on someone else. I think the only reason movie stars and big name people worry that much on it is because they are so wealthy. They have already won the game, they make enough money to not have to worry about how to make more, so they put their minds on other things. This is a problem for ordinary people because, for people who are trying to live and also trying to keep up with the latest trends it can be very hard and at the same time can eb very bad for their future. For the most part, I do not look towards the media in any way for when I pick clothes. The way I raised, people did not focus on clothes as much especially at ages of being a teenager, so this type of stuff doesn’t bother me enough. What I wear is what I wear, I don’t focus on it too much, I am pretty simple.

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